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  1. elfuu_

    Trabzonspor 2022-2023 Kits (will be updated)

    Home Kit ** Download Link **
  2. elfuu_

    Mini bootpack compatible with FIP

    I made a mini bootpack compatible with FIP. simple to install. It is enough to copy the "data" and "fip" files in the rar to the area where you installed the game and say "yes" to the replacement question. I can't give credits because I don't remember where I downloaded the boots from. There are...
  3. elfuu_

    commentary file error...

    hi guys, can someone upload these 2 files via google drive or mediafire?
  4. elfuu_

    How can I change the game fonttype?

    How can I change the game fonttype? I want to do it like Fifa 20.