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    mod idea - U21 championships Poland 2017

    Hi, anybody interested in making this? All of the rosters are quick to do and I have about a half of the official grounds.
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    FIFA Infinity Patch 16

    We are happy to bring you the ultimate update patch for FIFA 16, the FIP 16. Enjoy! Features: Converted from FIFA 17: -Database with 13th October squad update (2016/17 season squads). -J1 League. -Kits. -Boots. -Balls. -Minifaces. -GK gloves. -Kit numbers. -Riverside Stadium...
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    darrek1988's Stadiums

    Finally I have some free time to work on some of the stadiums from my list. First to go is Kolporter Arena - the home of Korona Kielce. It's a FIFA10 mod convert. I will be posting the model, but without glares and crowds. If anybody wants to help me finish it (or them if there will be more)...
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    Polish League Patch 16

    This year I will concentrate on my home leagues. This patch will be made in colaboration with FP and (maybe) some of SG users. If anybody is interested in helping with it please write down what can you make. Polish League Patch 17 Lotto Ekstraklasa: -Updated rosters for all of the teams (1st...
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    darrek1988's Polish Stadiums

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    darrek1988's banners

    I'm back with some more lower league team banners. Warta Zawiercie Karkonosze Jelenia Góra GKS 1962 Jastrzębie Szombierki Bytom
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    FIFA Infinity Patch 15

    Hi, it's Darrek1988. I just want to let you know that i've started my convertion work with my FIP! Most likely it will contain the following leagues: Ukraine Premier League Czech Gambrinus Liga Greek Super League Romania 1. Liga Japan J-League 1 Chinese Superleague At this point I...
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    FIP 15 - New Leagues Suggestions

    I'm making this thread to know your opinions about the leagues that I'm interested in adding in the future. The following list contains possible new addons. Somebody from this list will most likely be added to the patch. What's your opinion about those candidates? Which one should be...
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    Polish League Stadiums

    Hi, maybe somebody from the stadium makers would be interested in converting the grounds from FIFA10 to the new game. I have most of the Polish Ekstraklasa and 1.Liga stadiums in .o files, some of them already exported to 3ds and 3dm (with meshes painted both sides) and almost fully...
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    EURO 2012 Stadiums Reconverted

    For now I would like to say that I'm almost a complete amateur if its about stadium converts. ;) That is why I used the stadium containers from EURO and updated the ambient textures to make them look brighter +changed the stadium file name so the newer game can read it without issues...
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    Cyrillic Font Project

    I was thinking about adding a simplified cyrillic font to the game so all of the russian and ukraine league tems could have more realistic kits (in their league). Of course it won't be 100% accurate due some letters that are in latin alphabet as 2letters (like zh, ch, yu, ya, sh or schch) but...
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    Woman Superleague Project - Request For Facemakers

    I have plans for a community patch with top teams from the woman football world. The main issue is with the faces due the lack of woman-like texures - in order to make this kind of a patch we would have to make real faces for every single player. That is why I'll need as many facemakers as...
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    Woman Superleague Project 14

    In the last few years there were some fittings for a woman all-star team. For the last few weeks I thought about a bigger project based on those discoveries. So... How about we take it one step further and make a league patch with user defined teams from woman federations? Kits, logos, flags...
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    FIFA Infinity Patch '14

    I am proud to present our this year project - FIFA Infinity Patch 14. It will add 5 new leagues to this game: Japan J-League 1, Ukrainian Premier League, Turkish Super Lig, Czech Gambrinus Liga and Greece Superleague. All of them are playable in career mode. Czech Gambrinus Liga -Actual...
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    darrek1988's Workshop (Flags/Banners/Others)

    My first FIFA14 bannerpack. Some of the banners are resized. Tested in TexMod. Result - no errors ;) Bohemians 1905 Prague (beta) Career mode newspictures (preview) Dynamo Kyiv Shakhtar Donetsk
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    J-League Patch - Call For Volunteers

    Hi, I'm looking for somebody to help me out with J-League 1 kits for my patch. The database work is basically ready but I still need kits for most of the teams. Patch release date: about a month or 1,5 after the FIFA 14 release. Some in-game screens (FIFA 13 - before the convert)...
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    Turkish League Patch 13 by FIFA Infinity

    I would like to present you the next FIFA Infinity project. After the success of our Ukrainian Premier League Patch we are now back with a new league addon, the Turkish League Patch 13! The mod adds all the 18 teams of Spor Toto Super Lig in your FIFA 13 and you can play with them in all...
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    2012/13 Schedules

    A small text file and so much realism... :) Instalation: 1.copy the text file to: FIFA13/Game/dlc/dlc_FootballCompEng/dlc/FootballCompEng/data/compdata/schedules 2. open the settings.txt and search for the correct codeline (example: If you want to install the Ekstraklasa schedule then search...
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    darrek1988's textures

    First textures after a loooong break. Yevhen Konoplyanka (Ukraine NT & Dnipro) Arkadiusz Milik (Górnik Zabrze & Poland NT)