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    CC Error - need help

    I edited a team attributes and also the team prestige, team chemistry and overall rating. I have mid numbers for attributes and save it all and then when I go to play I have higher numbers from say 45 "i put in" and now is 76. I then exit to windows and re export the team and open it and now see...
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    team chemistry / overall rating

    Picking a team now. Is it better to have a higher or lower number for team chemistry? Also what about overall rating higher or lower is better? Thanks
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    Game play?

    I have played the 2005 version in Amateur mode to get use to it and then adavnce up levels to make it harder. I am now playing 2006 version and I am in Amateur level and it seems all the cpu players are world class. Why? I went in to see if I make my team awesome maybe this would help. All my...
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    Create new file/ edit help needed?

    Is there a description for each item in the cc editor somewhere? I am not sure for some of them if higher number is better or if a lower one is? One is Team Prestige, it is 3 now is this good or is a higher number better? I just exported a team and did some minor editing, when I hit save it...
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    cc06 help

    I just installed fifa 2006 and cc06 and opened cc06 to edit the files but where do I look for *.c06 files? I bumpped around with no luck, help please. Thanks :)
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    Creation Centre 2006??

    When will Creation Centre 2006 be out what is the status? Any beta versions yet beign tested? I have looked in d/l's and see nothing so I wanted to ask and see. I have not played fifa 2k6 yet I was waiting for the editor first. So I can edit my teams. Thanks
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    Fifa 2006 Data editors??

    Are there any good data editors out yet for Fifa 2006? Thanks
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    Is it really comming?

    I have looked all over for Fifa 2006 for pc to see if it was in the works and do not see it. I check and they only show Madden 2006 and no Fifa,Nhl or Nba. I think maybe they are skipping the pc this year for making Xbox and PS2. ? Thanks
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    Boot Raptor 2005?? Arghh

    I used this Program and just changed one boot for one player and when I played the game again it has all player with the same new boots on all teams. and also the game seems choppy now. Arghhh help please. Thanks
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    Ball Importer 2005 ?

    I have tried this and it does not work. I click on it and nothing happens. Why? Arghhh, help please. Also game is choppy now during play.
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    Create Boots/Balls??

    How do you create balls and nets and boots? Is there a tool? I want to create my own then import them. Thanks
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    Add on Nets and Balls??

    I wanted to know if anyone had any cool New nets and balls for Fifa 2005? Also can you add them after you use the editor and have played several seasons? And also how do you add the new nets and boots? Thanks Rob
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    What is the best formation to use? I have tried a few and just wanted to know what you all are using? Thanks
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    New CC2005 ISSUE

    I have uninstalled both CC AND Fifa2005 and then I reinstalled and edited the Chicago Fire. I started the game and a new career and when I went to MLS to look for Chicago Fire they were not there. I went and also tried to start a saved Carrer and it crashed. Please help me out on this what do...
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    Date here is OFF!

    Also my post on what needs to be done to play with old edited and saved leagues is gone. Why?? I have a saved team and edited team do I need new install or what? Thanks
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    In Attributes What are the number? I mean by this I figure 100 is the highest or best but I see some players at 104 so What is the best? 999?? I get it to goto 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 but this Makes no sense, anyone have an Idea on this?? Thanks
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    I have offsides off and it still calls it as a penalty, why? What is the deal with the offsides? Arghhh
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    Team points?

    When you play a team it says "2nd or 4th, ect" place and the points like now I am playing the 2nd rate team and it says 43 points what does this mean? I though it ment if I beat them I get these points but last team was 18points and I won and only got 10 upgrade points. ??? Thanks
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    grab and hold??

    I though grabing and holding back is a foul. But yet top teams due it all the time. I can not figure out how to change out who does the head butt on corners. I have the best guy kicking it but the other guy always goes wide on the hit in. How do I change him out? Also not able to do bicycle...
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    KICK TRICKS for MS sidewinder?

    I have a MS Sidewinder gamepad and want to know how to do the trick kicks and moves with it. anyone help please? Thanks