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    CPU VS CPU In Career Mode FIFA 20

    As Requested by forum member here is FIFA 20 CPU vs CPU in CM/Tournament. Use FrostyModManager_v1.0.5.7. Link:
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    CPU VS CPU In Career Mode FIFA 19

    Here it is. Use FrostyModManager or Frosty editor v1.0.5 Link for Frostytoolsuite: Link For Mod: Tutorial How to use Mod: This is for fifa 17. Same method for fifa 19.
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    CPU VS CPU In Career Mode FIFA 18

    Here it is. Use FrostyModManager_v1.0.3alpha4. Link for FrostyModManager: Link For Mod: Tutorial How to use Mod: This...
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    FIFA 16 Modding Questions Thread

    Please ask any Question Regarding FIFA 16 Modding. Problem with db, kits virtually anything. Don't go into CM 16 thread and ask how i can unlock boot, or how i can create a team etc. Please before asking question there is a search option right on top of this forum. Do the search i am pretty sure...
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    FIFA 15 TO FIFA 16 Face Converter??

    Is it possible to convert? I have tested but it seems head work fine but buddy is massed up along with face and hair texture bump is not correct.
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    Classic Face Competition

    Lack of Classic face maker in this fourm led me to make this Competition. If you love making face and want to unleash your creativity, you can join this amazing Competition. You have to make six classic face to win this Competition. Your each face will be given points[out of 1 to 5] by this...
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    FIFA 14 Xbox Exclusive Legends Face

    I was looking for those faces in Xbox 360 big files. It seems, nothing is there.They are not present in data3.big.Then where are they? EA will probably add them via patch or update.Anyway, if anyone got information of those faces or able to extract from big files please use this thread to share...
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    Fc legends

    Like last year i am going to make a classic patch."FC LEGENDS" a team will contain best legends(excluding ea one,which already in the game). Player List GK: L.Yashin D.Zoff [need face texture] P.Schmeichel O.Kahn [need young texture] DF: Cafu [need young texture] L.Thuram...
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    Classic Player For Career Mode

    Hi mate i am making a classic player patch for career mode.which we will be able to sign in cm from free agent. check Some screen shots in this rar file. Link
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    Correct classic xi for fifa 11

    I will make correct classic xi for fifa 11. who should be in? Maximum there should be 39 palyers in the squad. GK 1.Lev Yashin 2.D.Zoff 3.Peter Schmeichel Defender 4.Franz Beckenbauer 5.Carlos Alberto 6.Bobby Moore 7.Franco Baresi 8.Paolo maldini 9.Giacinto Facchetti 10.Tresor 11.Ronald Koeman...