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    Installing kits?

    I just downloaded this creased kit pack and I've extracted it into the data/graphics/pictures/kits/clubs folder. They all have the config.xml file in the folders, but the kits still won't show up in the game. Did I miss a step?
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    Selling players

    In one of my careers, i'm playing with Real Madrid. Whenever I try to sell a player, it is always Barcelona who buys them. I rejected them 50 times and its still Barca. I tried it with different players and its the same thing. THis gets really annoying how your whole team is going to one place...
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    Get rid of the min. 18 player thing?

    Is there a way to get rid of this thing? It's very annoying. I'm in my 10th season and every good team has only 18 players. I can't get anyone new. Is there a way to lower this to 16 or just 17?
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    Where to download: fatGUI, GenBH, FixBig2005

    I'm wondering where i can download fatGUI, GenBH and/or FixBig2005. I tried the FIFAECP site but their download section isnt working.
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    Install faces?

    Can someone post the most simple way of installing a face to FIFA 2005? I'm found some others but its so longs and complicated and needs a lot of programs.
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    Halftime/fulltime whistles.

    Anyone noticed that they got switched somehow? Is there a way to reverse it back like it is in 2004? Thanks.
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    Question marks on creation center

    I've been having a problem with the Creation Center 2004. On some Scandinivian names, it keeps showing ? on where there's a special character or letter. When I save something, the special character becomes ? on the game too. Is there a way I can fix this? Thanks.
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    Demo problem?

    I have recently purchased FIFA 04 and I'm waiting for it to be delivered. While I'm waiting, i've decided to play the demo until the game gets here, but I've been experiencing a wierd problem. Every 10 minutes on the game clock, the pause option goes off involuntarily. Is this just the demo's...