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    Sig request please!

    Can someone make a sig with Nani, Ronaldo, Rooney and Anderson alltogether on it and with the words the future of....and then the Man U logo next to it? Thanks in advance! :)
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    Transferring PES5 Option file to PS2

    Friday morning an option file will be released at PESfan, but does anyone know if there is another way to get the option file to my PS2 without using a Max Drive or Xport.............?? Thanks in advance!
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    PES4 Kits PS2

    I was wondering how to get the real kits for the unlicenced clubs on the PS2 version. A friend of mine had his one done, but he doesn't remember how his friend did it for him. Please help me, if anyone knows how to do this. Thanks in advance!:)
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    Where can I find images of players without a background? Especially a Man U logo Thanx in advance!!
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    Sig Request

    Can somebody make a sig for me, please, I have been trying a few days now making my own, using the sig tutorial. But I can't figure it out. I would like to have one with Giggs, a ManU logo and my nickname (ladylover) on it. Can somebody please help me.....