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    FIFAPeru Int. is back !!!!!

    My dear friends, I have the honor to announce that the website that for six years has been the preferred community of Peruvians who like FIFA, has returned ... so ... FIFAPERU is back and this time to stay!! This time we have many projects, we hope that everything goes well and FIFAPeru this...
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    Patch Perú 09

    In FIFAPeru.Org we have elaborated the Patch Peru 09. We are happy of being able to give them a patch elaborated with the stamp of FIFAPeru. We wait the they enjoy. Patch Info: Name : Patch Peru 09 Date : 09/12/2008 Autor : FIFA Perú Intl. Game : FIFA 09 Platform : PC Includes ...
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    GK Gloves FSh file please...

    Please, somebody that was so kind of telling me in what zdata encounter the file FSH of GK gloves or in their defect somebody that can upload it here. I thank to all ahead of time. A hug
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    How can add GK'S kits to national teams??

    How can add GK'S kits to the national teams that have GK'S kits generic? I hope that somebody may answer myself with certainty. Very thanked in advance. A hug :rockman:
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    I need urgent help

    I have a great problem friends, my FIFA doesn't want to install, it arrives to a point where stays. I thought that it was the second disk the one that was bad, because when it tried to install it stayed in 62%, it happened this way me three times, I bought the second disk again and it...
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    Face Id List?????????

    Somebody could tell me where I can get the list of the ID of the faces of the EURO 2004, please, I would thank them to him a lot. A hug :rockman: P.S.: Excuse my bad English