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    Shawminator's Stadiums

    Thank you very much for Pittodrie, very good for Aberdeen carrer game :)
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    Shawminator's Stadiums

    Just want to say big thank you for both stadiums and stadium server. Very good for SPL manager career in Fifa! Cant wait for Pittodrie :)
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    FIFA 15 Language Pack

    Hi, any chance of getting Czech commentary? This year, it's for XBOX ONE and PS4 only, not PC. Thanks
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    What Will Be Your First Career?

    Why the hell you guys playing for Top teams in Carrer mode? It's about to take lower league or weaker team to make it one of the best in the game :-) So far playing for Aberdeen, 3rd season. It's much more difficult to beat Celtic this year than last year. And still with no chance in Europe...
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    Fifa 13| DEMO RELEASE| NEW LEAGUE! video

    Czech league will not be in, only Czech NT
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    No Turkish/Czech leagues on FIFA 12???

    rumor, no Czech League and Czech National team...
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    No Turkish/Czech leagues on FIFA 12???

    I've played for Bohemians in online for most time... Hate ppl taking Barcelona or Chelsea all the time... SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL CLUB!
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    No Turkish/Czech leagues on FIFA 12???

    Czech federation wants more money. I really don't know if problem is on EA side or on Czech side... We don't know how much money EA offered... Anyway, I hope someone will figure out how to import stadiums, I remember there were a lot of stadiums in FIFA 09 created by the community...
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    Fifa 11 Version Switcher - available now!!!

    I want this too, It would be awesome... Please make it :)
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    Cep 11

    Thanks a lot!
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    Cep 11

    That's bad :( It must be fantastic patch but online game is so important for me... Will be there any kind of switcher to online play? Gamplay patch from Doctor has it :)
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    U21 european championship patch!

    We gonna win that Championship! Czech are unbeatable!
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    Cep 11

    Can I play online with this? I searched whole thread but I didn't find it (or "search this thread" tool is not working :) )
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    MLS Patch?

    Any patch for MLS to Fifa 08 on PC?