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    Save Calvin

    Hey people, a good young footballer named calvin Zola can not play and hasnt played for 6 months due to poor imigration rules and a lack of co oporation from the government. We (tranmere fans) are trying to save him from deportation by running a petition. If we can collect a load of signatures...
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    Sorry if this has already been stated but i searched the forums for along time and couldnt find anything on the subject. I have probably posted this in the wrong place so sorry. How do you make 2GK kits? Whats the difference between 1GK and 2Gk? And anything else to do with them that would be...
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    Hi, before you read i know there is already a bug thread Why dont we all submit our bugs here and then ill pm chau with the whole list to save him scouring the forum. If every one can list there problem then it would be useful. However to save clutter if everyone can check before posting there...