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    FanCHELSEA Prod.

    amazing stiches dude...
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    FanCHELSEA Prod.

    beautiful designs you've got there!
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    Devil's Kits

    awesome work!! i was looking for this kit and saw it just now :D can you make shorts aswell? :)
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    New_Maker's Kits

    great Wolga shirt! i saw your pfc cska kitpack for fifa 12 and wondered if you could also do their 3rd kit? it would be great!! :)
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    Wichanwoo's FIFA 13 Faces

    beautiful faces
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    FIFADome 13

    S.S. Lazio Kitpack 2012/13 Inhalt: Home Kit v1 & v2 Away Kit 3rd Kit v1 & v2 GK Kit v1 & v2 Support: Fifaplanet Forum - Downloads by FIFADome
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    Balti From Da Block

    S.S. Lazio Kitpack 2012/13 thank you regularcat, I appreciate @Pepis, nice one :D @ Tavadi, Arsenal Kits with original Fonts are in the latest FEP aswell (made by Adriano) do the same as I told V.K. Inhalt: Home Kit v1 & v2 Away Kit 3rd Kit v1 & v2 GK Kit v1 & v2...
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    FIFA 13 Faces by Aeh1991

    great work!! thx for artjoms and badelj :-):-)
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    CoolerMaster's Faces

    your faces are great pal
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    Ohohohyaya's Facepacks

    your work is simply gorgeous... thank you for sharing it
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    Balti From Da Block

    Tottenham kits are completely updated with fonts and uefa kits in the latest FIFA 13 Expansion Patch. If you don't want to play with the patch, install it to a folder on your desktop and copy the files you need ;) SS Lazio 2012-13 Keeper
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    great work keeper!
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    FIFADome 13

    Liga BBVA Minifacepatch thanks for the advice :) Installation: Deutsch: Um die Minifaces zu installieren müsst ihr den automatischen Installer ausführen und den Anweisungen folgen. Viel Spaß! English: To install...
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    Rabzyxor's Balls

    i can't find it in fifa 12... could you upload it? please...?
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    Rabzyxor's Balls

    great work!! i searched the thread but didn't found anything so i wanted to ask which model to use for your adidas katlego?
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    FIFA13 Graphix by darxxx (Balls, ETC)

    awesome work!! one of my favourite balls of all time :D
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    mh25 Works

    nice under armour shoes
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    Wave Club Kits 12/13 Thread

    looks perfect!
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    Balti From Da Block

    SS Lazio Third