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    which players on ur team score the most goals?

    Rosicky scored 29 in a treble season for me, with the bulk from long efforts and free kicks. Samuel Eto'o notched 20, mostly from within the box. My central defender Anton Ferdinand chipped in with 10, all from corners. They propelled my revamped non-broke Leeds to a last-day title and I've...
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    Euro 2004 ... anyone know anything?

    Of course they are interested in money. They aren't a non-profit charity group. But if they build it, I will buy it. Maybe they should be selling regional expansion packs based on the football confederations i.e. African or South American-specific national and club teams. Problem being, I...
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    Euro 2004 ... anyone know anything?

    I think international tournaments would be a dream to add some depth to a Euro game, if they have it. Would be awesome to have the Asian Cup, etc. They could even build campaign elements (like season from FIFA 2004) into international management, with confidence levels, team morale, etc...
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    Euro 2004 ... anyone know anything?

    It would be very unlike EA not to try and capitalize on the swirl of hype (and significant commercial opportunity) around Euro 2004. Wonder, to that end, whether a game will be released? I remember I enjoyed the last one. Dream a little dream, but imagine if they threw in the African Cup...
  5. R FIFA 2004 Review

    Pretty scathing, I guess the guy's entitled to his opinion, and he has some valid points, but I'd suggest he hasn't played it long enough to get past the "Frustration phase" of not winning in the beginning. I bought the game, enjoy it still, I think it's the best FIFA yet, but it doesn't rock...
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    Bargain Players with Unique Faces

    The FIFA 2004 Bargain List page is awesome. I wonder if anyone has the faces list from clubs not available in the traditional transfer market (i.e. Internationals, Rest of World Clubs, Brazil.) With the Creation Centre, you can get access to some of these players and it opens up whole new...
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    Names in Game Thread

    De Guzman is the pride of Canada. It's hard to keep up with how he has been doing though, as I don't get much Bundesliga on the satellite, and Hannover is on very rarely.
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    Names in Game Thread

    This might seem a little ambitious or daft, but I really dig having a side where Motty announces the player's names. Don't know if this is shared by the rest of you, but I find it really adds to the overall experience when you field a side with all specific names, I am considering making a...
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    FIFA 2004 The biggest FIFA let down yet!!

    This tired old argument is pointless. Two choices: if you like the game, enjoy it. If you hate it, **** off and pursue something else. I don't understand how a demo could be made available and then some people by the game, cry foul and whine about the gameplay as if it's a surprise. You...
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    Suggestions for making the leap?

    I've been super-slow to catch on to FIFA 2004 (probably only played about 10 hours total.) Is there a noticeable difference between semi-pro and pro? Any suggestions for making the small jump between levels?
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    Wat Players Have You Transfered?

    I Cheated by swapping players for Crewe. Got Hume, Ruiz, Damani Ralph, Tonge, Anton Ferdinand, Lars Hirschfeld, Michale Dawson, Kyle Martino, Bent and the Rwandan Ndikumana. Then I bought Hiroyama and a Vietmanese striker from the K-League. Still playing on semi though, being slow to catch on.
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    A review, after some play

    Might seem a little late to do it, but this is the time of year I usually give up on this forum, save on checking back for the Creation Centre release, so I thought I'd give my 10 cents worth on the game for anyone who is interested or maybe thinking of FIFA 2004 as a gift. Gameplay -...
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    Logitech Wingman Rumblepad Problems

    Don't know if anyone is sharing in this problem and can help? I have a Logitech Wingman Rumblepad with the two analogue sticks. Problem being, it appears no button is configured that allows the player to walk the ball (also used for low shot.) Do you need a pad with more than two triggers...
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    requesting line up for Pumas UNAM!!

    Does anyone know a website where I can get official rosters for Mexican clubs (i.e. reality, not the game's rosters?) Would be great if it was in English.
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    Moderators Please Read - URGENT...

    I disagree. The problem lies not with newbies, but with irritants with upwards of 3,000 posts who haven't bought the game, don't like it, hate EA (Fine - they're entitled to an opinion) but insist on rankling people here trying to have a functional, productive discussion. I do agree that this...
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    International teams!?

    Tell you what's strange, in the specific faces thread here somewhere, some released an "offical" list of the specific personalized in game faces. This included Al Temyat (Saudi Arabia) and Oku and Kubo (Japan). Why would these faces be included if there is no Japan nor Saudi Arabia. Is...
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    Whole lotta ugly in here ...

    I do have to concur that you are a bit of a post detective. Most of your retorts are along the lines of "erm ... paragraph 3 of your post of December 6th clearly illustrates a condradictory point in your argument. You had said that you liked FIFA's graphics at a previously archived post of March...
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    Everton in 2004 ?????

    Li Tie is a gritty player and he oozes quality. Would like to see more of him.
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    Whole lotta ugly in here ...

    Don't be so homophobic man. And remember: just because your girlfriend is muscular and has more facial hair than a Hell's Angel doesn't make you gay ... be secure in that sexuality! After all, real men play Konami!
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    Whole lotta ugly in here ...

    Listen, I'm willing to let go the Canadian comment, God knows Texas is embarassed to have you, although I'm sure your cousins are delighted with your performance. With all this subtext of hate (my fault, I hate you and everything you stand for) let's not lose the point of my thread. That...