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    Kate's Party

    I think we all know Kate. She's been a great friend to all of us over the years, so we're throwing her a birthday party this Saturday. We want to make it an unforgettable night for her so we want you all to come. BYO drinks, there'll be some light snacks available -- but make sure you don't...
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    Congratulations New Zealand

    1-0 win tonight at Westpac Stadium in the second leg vs Bahrain to qualify to South Africa 2010 1-0 on aggregate. First World Cup for them since 1982. Enjoy your night NZ SG-ers. (Y)
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    Internet 101, Lesson 1....

    ... So you have a girlfriend. She's not much of a catch, but she's the best you can do and you love her. That's nice. HOWEVER, you have to be realistic when posting photos on the internet, as the below example shows:
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    ****ing Did It!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (H) :read::D
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    Pan Pacific Championships - USA, Japan, Australia, Mexico?

    Any news up north about this? I guess for you guys it's a pre-season sort of thing, as it would be for the Japanese team. For us, in future, it should be additional high-ish level competitive games to bridge the gap between the end of our season and the start of the Asian Champions League. It...
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    Operation for Make Benefit Glorious League of Belarus

    OK so for whatever reason I decided to run an FM experiment. By “whatever reason” I mean basically me being fed up of my Fisher Athletic FM game, needing something to do besides forming, music and MSN when I don’t feel like studying after getting home from work at 11pm (I...
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    ATTN: DC United fans Thank you :evil::bob::bouncy:
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    Help this guy win his bet

    Just by clicking the link :jambo: People are earning millions of dollars, getting threesomes... basically anything you could want through these chain forum link things... i wish i could think of something to get in on some day :nape: :nape: :nape:
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    or Suleiman Mohammed or whateva.... the young nigerian DMC guy.... is he in FM? is he any good?
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    Anyone else's "unknown" youth ever come good IRL?

    so i was reading through the euro 2004 match reports etc, particularly the group phase, because i was bored today.... and i'm reading the Switzerland v France game and i see "Johann Vonlanthen" as the swiss goalscorer. now i saw this game, and i knew who the kid is... but i hadnt read it on a...
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    Brooklyn Beckham Predicted the Outcome

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    do manager stats go up while on holiday, even though you don't do anything? i've simulated up untill the 2011/2012 season, and my manager stats are 19, 17, 18, 18, 16, 19 weird :confused:
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    why must defenders be so stupid

    95% of goals i concede are due to either the defender running forward to meet a high ball, and missing, leaving an open striker; or by defenders leaving their man completely open in the box :rolleyes: why did si have to insist on having their defenders modelled on ten year olds :f***: and why...
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    favourite personnel

    anyone ever had a player come up as one of your personal favourite personel before? my striker just turned up their and im wondering if its happened 2 anyone else before? :S
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    My New Theme

    ... sorry about the resize.... down from 1280x1024 for file size :S EDIT: just noticed i got an error message from activewin in that screen........ its a news headlines feed that usually works :rolleyes:
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    sweet (H)

    got my sigames sticker delivered today (H) did anyone else get one :O
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    wtf :|

    luckily i won this game, or i'd have to shoot someone.... anyone seen anything from further out before? :f***: btw.... sorry for the bad quality... resized it down to 600x583 from 1000x something :confused:
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    my defence is giving away penalties every ******* game now... its really pissing me off.... 4 penalties in 3 games aint right :f***: its not hard tackling or anything... coz i got it on normal... but the penalties are always pushes or handballs is there any way of stopping this.... i...
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    Full name Suleiman Mohammed, but with a mad first name as cool as that, i decided to make him just Suleiman. Anyway... i came across him pretty early on in cm0304, by myself without CM Scout or anything, but i never really played the game long enough to try him out but now in my ternana...
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    are we going to continue postboosting here? or is someone gonna delete this.... :hump: