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    Scouting = Pathetic

    I'm in year seven of my Lincoln City career with a manager rating of 8. My scout and negotiator are both rated 10. When I scout players, no matter where, their ratings are in the 30's, 40's if I am lucky. What the heck is going on?
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    B.S. Online Play

    First of all, I notice that I always play against the same four teams: Arsenal, Barcelona, Chelsea and Manchester United. There are also a couple of moves I've noticed. One is dropping the ball with the goalie and trying to lob all the way down the field to create a breakaway for a striker...
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    Editing on-screen positioning help.

    I was wondering. Is there a way to edit where the scoreboard, player names and time appear? I'm using a resolution of 1680x1050 which isn't fully supported and I would like to shift the player names to the bottom center of the screen.
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    Does anyone think EA will release another patch?

    With the Winter Transfer window closing soon, does anyone think EA Sports will release an additional patch for FIFA 07??
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    Socre Overlay, Player Status Positioning on Hi-res

    I'm playing FIFA 07 at 1680x1050, but since it's not really meant to be played that way, the player status bars and radar do not appear on the bottom center of the screen as they should. Instead, they are about half way down and to the left. I was wondering if there was a work around for...
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    Request - Lebanese National Team Home Kit

    I rarely post here, but after seeing some great work I have a request... I would like someone to make the Lebanese National Team Jersey for FIFA 2003, preferably in 2GK format. I will link to the images of the kit instead of directly showing them here because they are large. Thanks in...
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    School Project - Short Movie

    I made this short trailer for a school project. Check it out.