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    Great movie to rent? (hakeem?Bobby?)

    I was looking for something to watch over the weekend, so far I have not been able to rent anything good, except for The Prestige, which ws great. I like almost any type of movie, but I love good,deep stories, I like movies that challenge the viewer to think whether philosophically or through...
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    -+ Los Fashionistas +- Just got these shoes. I was looking for shoes that would be used like a canvas, really different from anything else out. I looked at shoes from Echo first, but these just blew them away, IMO. I bought them at a local skater store here...
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    Ipswich Prossies...

    I would stay away from Ipswich if I were you, Dragan...
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    I'm majorly attracted to a fat girl

    I feel your pain Sir_Didier_Drogba. When I drink, sometimes I just get lazy and horny, so I start flirting with chubby girls who have their tits hanging out, what can I say really? Their low self-esteem turns me on when I am buzzed....easy targets
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    I had a hamburger for breakfast today

    I had a big 14oz steak, 2 eggs, 3 pancakes, 1 hashbrown, 2 biscuits and a glass of Cherry Pepsi for breakfast yesterday, and it only cost me $12. I walked into the store, hungover and dressed in dirty sweatpants, I walked out in an Armani suit and a PhD in Physics. ....I just figured...
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    How Evil Are You ?

    86% You're the most evil person you know. The devil is even a little scared of you! I guess you could say the sad thing is, well, every thing I checked off was 110% true. The things I checked had to do with drugs, drinking and revenge, just minor things.
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    simple questions

    1) How do I tell my team to rest the day after a match? I have been playing 05 all this time. 2) I am playing as Spurs, we beat West Brom 5-0 in a friendly, but now almost all my players say they dont feel I give the team enough credit, under the Slight Concerns tab. During the pre and...
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    PKs to be no more!

    So say the Americans. Everytime I turn on the news it is either about Zidane or about how "crap" the PK system is. The producers have given these dopes 5 extra minutes to fill with soccer, so they pull this out of their asses. The worst part is they don't get anyone that knows soccer to argue...
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    FM06 VS FM05 +Training question

    Three threads in one. First, how much better is 06 to fm05, I have a really good game going in 05 with Ajax in a custom super league, but I have been gone for a while so I am not sure if I should just give up on finishing. Second, something I have always wondered about the FM games, which one...
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    Investing money

    well, if you have A TON of money, you should go into real estate, it almost always gives you some kind of profit since it is very rare for land value to go down. That is what I am looking at right now, where I live, there is a really big boom of people coming over from the cities(ny, nj) so...
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    Abdul Rahman

    I am glad Knight posted that link about the CAIR ruling. Really that Islamic law has nothing to do with law, but with treason. Back when it was created by Muhamed, Muslims were at war with the other tribes in Arabia, to convert to Islam at the time meant choosing to be attacked by the other...
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    Neo-nazis Threaten To Massacre Muslims At World Cup

    Feyenoord also seems like a rather odd choice, since a lot of their fan base in Holland is arab, they always hang Palastine flags and chant about Hamas(since Ajax is seen as the team of the "jews")
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    Hair Straightening

    I just got my hair cut, I have really bad curls, not the surfer curls, but the tight afro curls. I am arab, my hair is black South African. I was going to go for the straightening stuff from Wal-Mart, but half the time I am too lazy to even comb my hair, let alone sit there for an hour and have...
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    Last movie you watched

    16 Blocks - I hated it, made me want to go to sleep. Mos Def and Bruce Whatshisname played really boring guys. For the first time since I was 5, I fell asleep during a a cinema. It was really a plot that should have been finished in half the time it was, you knew all the plot...
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    Neo-nazis Threaten To Massacre Muslims At World Cup

    I laughed when I saw who made this thread. What is really gay though, is how Yash took his creating powers. I don't see what the big ******* deal is, just don't ******* read his threads. As for the nazis, well, I think it is all one big joke. There are tons of Turks in Germany, far more that...
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    Muslims upset at in-your-face lesson in Dutchness

    Are you joking or are you just ******* stupid? To be honest I would be more worried about someone who compares his mom to topless girls at a beach than someone who was offended by the later. As for the video, well it is nothing new, the dutch don't want muslims just like the yanks...
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    hydroxy cut

    I do all that, but I have never done or added anything to my body, fitness-wise, that was not natural, no vitamins, not protein shakes, not diet pills. But I have started to research that stuff, because since I am doing so much work anyway, I figure I should just add a little edge to my current...
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    hydroxy cut

    I know there are a lot of fitness people here,have any of you guys used this stuff? I have talked to a ton of people at my gym and have read some reviews online, and they all agree on one thing, this stuff makes you lose a ton of weight fast. The problem is it is a bit dangerous, so anyone here...
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    SG's Wikipedia page

    It sucks how someone keeps changing it, Den is right though, I think it may be the admins at Wiki. Btw, does anyone else think Rob Van Dam is the best thing to happen to wrestling since Ski Low Low?