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    Variables Explanation in AICPU and INI

    If you are interested in individual players' AI, you may probably know how to edit the following that the different player style can be shown... (e.g. Owen really runs faster than others... and won't get caught by the slow Chinese defenders) Within the INI file... //Option...
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    Let's Build a Parma Fan Site!

    My name is Warren. I have been a Parma fan since they promoted to the Serie A ... I realized that there is very few non-Italian Parma fan sites. I really hope to see a Parma fan site with people coming from all over the world. I would like to invite all of you to help create a Parma fan...
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    Global Changes of Player Attributes

    Just wonder if anyone knows what programs allow "global changes" (change multiple players' multiple attributes simulatenously). If you know, please feel free to share with everyone in the community. I appreciate your share.
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    Any AC Parma Fans?

    Hi, every AC Parma fan, speak up for the team! What do you think about the team this year? Who's your favourite player? Come on! Show your spirit for the team! I think Adriano is the best signing this year. He's definitely better than Hakan Sukur. Also, Cannavaro is way too expensive...
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    editing .ini file with Fed 2002

    Someone said he has managed to create a very realistic gameplay by using Fed 2002. How did he do that? I just couldn't find the function in Fed 2002 to edit the .ini file. Please tell me.
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    Fed 2002

    Hi everyone! The long awaiting Fed 2002 is coming this Sat. I am curious of what new (or improvded) functions will be in this new Fed program. It's such a great news of the release of Fed coz the rating of some players are just so unrealistic.
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    The Only Thing Fifa is Better Than ISS

    Fifa has more players and teams to choose from... while ISS does not. But for gameplay and graphics, ISS is definitely better.
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    Japanese Does Better in Soccer Gaming

    No doubt that... the Winning Eleven Series are much better than the Fifa series. I have been playing fifa since 1995. It shows little improvement in gameplay. I tried my first winning experience in my friend's dorm last Tuesday and it was GREAT experience. It's so realistic... and the...
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    Hi...I know we can edit the .ini file to change the gameplay in a great deal. But does anyone have detail knowledge on that .ini file? If yes... please share with everyone here... thanks.
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    Fed 2002

    I am just curious of what's special in Fed 2002 this year? Is there any new function? Hope all the testers can give some comments here.
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    Editing AI

    I just downloaded a file called "soccer.ini" from the fifafx site... it's really good coz I can edit the gameplay ...making defenders more aggressive... but I have a problem here..... I wanna make a big difference between European players (with fitness 5 to 7) and Asian players (with...
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    Curious About EA's Decision

    From the company's point of view, customer service is always the first priority. Without better customer satisfaction, the sales will be harmed. What I mean is... there is no point to delay the release of fed 2002. In fact, fed 2002 is created long time ago. (evidence... Chau Le displayed...
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    About FED 2002

    Has any of the translator received the FED 2002? If yes, do you mind tell us what features are included this year? I think many of you are just like me, waiting for the release for a long long time.
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    Questions about Attribute

    Does anyone know what "strength" means? I thought it was the player's strength to knock others down... but I read a site that says the "strength" means how hard the player can hit the ball... which 1 is correct? Also, I make a player heavier and taller... but he still can't gain any...
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    Need Help for Hexeditor

    Does anyone know how to use Hexeditor to edit PLAYERS NAMES and their ATTRIBUTES? How do I go into the .DBI files to edit the above two things? Thanks very much.
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    How to Edit Attribute without using the in-game editor

    The attributes for many teams or players are very unrealistic. I wanna change it. But when I edit the attributes for more than 512 players, it says I exceed the limit of edited player. Does anyone know what tools are easy to use to edit attributes? Thanks.