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    QPR Next English Juggernaut?

    Queens Park Rangers could be set for a future lined with success and silverware as the London club continue their January spending spree. Rangers have already signed Akos Buzsaky, Matthew Connolly, Hogan Ephraim and Patrick Agyemang from Plymouth Argyle, Arsenal, West Ham and Preston...
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    Xbox 360 Controller PC

    If someone could help me, respect goes out to them big timeeeee I bought the Xbox 360 controller for windows (Im using XP) for FIFA 08, so I installed it and callabration test , it past. However when I start up FIFA, the game still doesnt recognizes it, it only has "keyboard" as the only...
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    Fifa 08 wont be Released for Xbox

    For Xbox current gen users, fifa 08 wont be released for current gen Xbox. Xbox have stopped all production of current gen for a year now so they can save money and apply resources towards the next gen. You can also tell by the producers interviews and many gaming sites taht dont include Xbox...
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    Whos In Line for NEWCASTLE

    yall heard Roeders gone and i think its a good thing, becasue i like Newcastle and i want them to be back on the top 6 , and i think Allardyce and Sven should be top two picks
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    FA Prem League TV MOney Shared Equally

    Whelan wants TV money to be shared equally Wigan chairman Dave Whelan wants to see television money more evenly distributed between Premiership clubs. The English top flight is set for a cash bonanza due to a new deal totalling around £2.3billion that comes into effect next term. Leading...
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    CHELSEA vs MAN U date delay

    The game has been rearranged from April 14 to May 9 In my opinion i dont like it id rather have it earlier and the chance to cut gap early but now its like the 2nd last game.
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    UEFA C.L- Platini's PLAN

    NYON, March 14 (UEFA) - UEFA president Michel Platini on Wednesday spelt out his plans for a new era in European football including a proposal for 'play-offs' for Champions League qualification. Click here Platini is proposing a new final qualifying round where there could be play-off-style...
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    Carling Cup Online?

    Does anyone know where to see the game online like the way u can do with UEFA, i checked skysports but no luck,
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    Lippi Ready to Manage a Big Club England

    Former Italy boss Marcello Lippi claims he is ready to manage a big club in English football. The former Juventus and Internazionale manager, who led The Azzurri to World Cup glory in Germany last summer, is being tipped as an ideal replacement for Jose Mourinho at Chelsea. Ongoing reports of...
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    Who are u voting for?

    UEFA elections will soon to begin and just wanted to know whos back u got. Lennart Age: 77 Nationality: Swedish Background: President of Uefa, vice president of Fifa Pledges: Keen to keep present Champions League format; in favour of salary caps & reduction of number of foreign players in a...
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    UEFA SLAMS Imports

    UEFA president Lennart Johansson has re-iterated his belief that it would be beneficial for the game if teams were packed with domestic players not imports. Johansson made his comments in a crucial week for him personally as he faces a battle for his role with France legend Michel Platini...
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    Hiddink to replace Mourinho ?

    Chelsea reportedly believe that Jose Mourinho will leave the club next summer. Both The People and Sunday Mirror carry stories this weekend quoting Chelski 'insiders' admitting that the Portuguese is set to leave Stamford Bridge. 'Mourinho's relationship with owner Roman Abramovich and chief...
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    Chelsea - Man U race is on- Who has the better schedule

    HERE are the remaining games for CHelsea and Man U , who do u think has got it badd like Urrrsher. CHELSEA Sat. 13 15:00 UK Chelsea v Wigan Sat. 20 12:45 UK Liverpool v Chelsea Tue. 23 19:45 UK Chelsea v Wycombe English Carling Cup Wed. 31 19:45 UK Chelsea v...
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    Same Teams after players

    does ne one have the same problem , where i wanna sell this player thats rated like 88-92 and only team that wants them is Arsenal, wheres Real Madrid, Barca, Milan's, Juve and everybody :boohoo:
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    Everton legal action over Mourinhos comments onAJ

    Everton had previously asked for a retraction of Mourinho's "possibly defamatory" allegations - but Chelsea refused to comment on Monday. Johnson himself said: "I merely jumped out of the way of Chelsea's goalkeeper as he came out at my feet. I do not consider myself to be a diver."...
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    WHen will the C.L draw be?

    When is the C.l draw for the 2nd round, does it happen in January or wat?
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    the hardest league

    Out of the Serie A, Prem , Liga, Bundesliga, which one do uthink is the Hardest not the BEst but the hardest league to play in. In my opinion i think its the premier league, but wat du t hink ?
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    XBOX-07- deleting different managerial profiles?

    HOw do i delete the different managerial profiles, like when u click on manager mode and u see all the profiles u have, i cant seem to delete ne of them. :nape:
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    2 My Chelsea Brothas - We growing - Chinese site

    English Premiership champions Chelsea has announced that they will launch a new Chinese language website next year as they look to expand their marketing in Asia. The London-based club have signed a deal with China's biggest internet service,, which has more than 40 million hits a...
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    Chelsea #1 club bby 2014- Kenyon ?

    LONDON, Nov 24 (Reuters) - English champions Chelsea are drawing up plans to leave Stamford Bridge in a bid to rival Manchester United and become the biggest club in the world, chief executive Peter Kenyon said. 'By 2014 we want to be internationally recognised as the No.1 club,' Kenyon was...