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    Editing Stamina

    Could someone point me in the direction of where I edit how quickly stamina is depleted during matches in career mode? I installed a game play mod which has made the stamina much more realistic and I'm really enjoying the more tactical approach of having to conserve energy but I need to dial it...
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    Youth Player IDs

    Is it possible to find out the player ID of youth players in a FIFA 16 save? I would love to add some of the real faces of lesser known players from this forum to some of my youth players for added immersion.
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    Importing Boots

    Could someone please help me with boots importing? I'm just looking to import a few over the generic EA ones but when I download the rx3 files they look something like this... shoe_xx_0_textures.rx3 What number would I replace the XX with to overwrite the generic boots?
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    Changing Stadiums

    Is there currently any tools to assign a different stadium to a team? For example I always play with Celtic and I'm looking to assign Old Trafford to Celtic in career mode as it's visually my favourite stadium in the game. As you can't assign real life stadiums to different teams within the game...
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    Importing Kits

    Hey guys, back on FIFA 13 I used Creation Master to import kits. I was wondering if there's a program available yet that will do this? I've read stuff in the Editing Forum, but I don't think the programs mentioned will do this. Also I'm not familiar with lua files and regenerating.
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    Editing Career Mode Players

    Hey guys I was wondering if any of the FIFA editing tools allow to you edit the look of youth players you scout in your career mode? I'm really just looking to give them the tech-fit tops which isn't an in-game option.
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    Importing RX3 faces

    Is there any sort of video tutorial around on how to import RX3 faces to FIFA 13? I know how to use Creation Master to import, but that doesn't work with the RX3 format (as far as I know) and I'd really love to get some of ohohohyaya's faces imported as they look incredible. Any written...
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    [Solved]FIFA 13 Crashing On Startup

    Hey guys, I've been playing FIFA 13 on PC for about a week, with everything running perfectly. Then today I turn it on and every time I get to the main menu the game crashes and auto closes. Has anyone else experienced this? The last thing I did on the PC last night was play FIFA, I then turned...
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    FIFA 13 Scoreboard Switcher

    I've installed this mod and whatever scoreboard I choose before starting the game works great, but I can't figure out how to change it during the game. I've left it at the default, but it look like it has them listed as CTRL + 1 up to five. I've tried pressing CTRL and 1 together but nothing...
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    Editing Stadiums

    I'm wondering if its possible to modify existing stadiums like the Emirates to bring the adboards and crowd closer to the pitch. It really annoys me that Ild Trafford is spot on, but the Emirates, Etihad etc have masses of grass between the touchline and crowd. Also how easy would it be to...