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    National Teams Compilation

    Being this a year where most of the reegional international cups were played I am making an update of current national teams, trying to make them all as close to reality possible, this means the latest rosters which were used in this cups or in the latest international competitions, as also the...
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    FIFA Manager 13 kits

    Here are all the kits made by EA of all the teams that appear on FIFA Manager 13 They are in fsh format and are all of the current season, same ones that appear on FIFA 13. I'll leave you the ids of the teams so will be easier to know who is who 1 Arsenal 2 Aston Villa 3 Blackburn Rovers...
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    Elkaos stadiums

    Hi guys I'm elkaos i built years ago some of the stadiums that are still used on game today now I'm back to make again some stadiums into the game, will build some maybe and convert others depending on the time i'll have, you can get them here...
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    Elkaos Stadiums

    Long time have past since the last time i made a stadium, now in my come back i have 2 new stadiums for u made by me time ago... Lerkendal in Trondheim, Norway home of Rosenborg;7659167;/fileinfo.html and Windsor Park home of Linfield and Northern...