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    Very quick question...

    The select button...I can never figure out which is for attack and which is for defense. The arrows are colored and always point in the same direction, one looks kinda green, and one looks yellow. So is the green for attack? Honestly I'm not sure I notice a difference either way, but would be...
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    File Master and config.dat

    Hi, I'm trying to open the config.dat file, but file master crashes when I run it. I have .net framework (reinstalled it just to be sure), so no idea why this is happening. Is there another program that will open this file? BigGui does not read the fifa 07 config.dat.
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    Scouting program for career mode?

    Is there any sort of program out there that can help you find players for your career mode? It's so hard to look through every team in every league to try and find that perfect midfielder under 7000 pts!
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    Ultimate guide on getting your gamepad to work

    Ok, so maybe not ultimate guide....Hell, I didn't even write any of this, so credit goes to those whose posts I've linked to. This is just the trip I've journeyed to get my own gamepad to work properly with FIFA2004. All credit and thanks goes to those who's original posts I've linked to here...
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    Anyone tried to do some editing?

    Anyone messed around with the config files (most especailly the ai.ini) and tried to edit the game to make it a little more realistic? There's all kinda stuff in there, but I personally can only understand about 25% of it. Would be nice to make the ball a little less bouncy, and maybe the...
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    WE6i Question

    A question directed to WE6i people out there. How the hell do you do a shot feint? I've read over and over that for we6 and pes2&3 is the shot button and then the pass button. Or for PS2 people X then []. I can do this in the PES3 PC demo no problem, but on my ps2 with WE6i, it doesn't work...
  7. B crap!

    I dunno about the rest of you, but the patch was a complete failure for me. Everything patched fine, all the new options are there, etc. But controllers still don't config correctly. All this does is lock up the game and I have to ctrl-alt-del and kill the process. I don't have an...
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    Well, it's up to PES

    Lets face it, FIFA 2004 is a disapointment. I don't think I need to go into details, but it's a turd. I've played the PES demo for PC and I have the slowdown problems, I'm pretty sure it's my vid card. But regardless of this, I still love the game.....I bought a PS2 only for WE6i, and to this...
  9. B can't configure gamepads..PC

    How bad is that? There is absolutly no way to configure your gamepad in the game? I have a Nyko air-flow that's exactly like a ps2 pad, works great with everything, except this game. Hell some of the buttons don't even work so I can't do thru passes, etc....whatta big steaming turd EA has...
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    I just wanted to rant a bit...... First: I'm sick of you PES/WE people that feel the need to bag on FIFA players. Don't get me wrong, I agree that PES/WE has better gameplay. Hell, I bought a PS2 simply for playing WE6i (USA player here). But there are a lot of good things about both games...