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    looking for a nice team

    hey, i want to start a new team. anyone knows a nice, young, mid table team with a good transfer budget?
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    Germany - Italy [R]

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    rafael sobis

    hello, can some brasilians tell me something about rafael sobis? rumors says that hamburg and wolfsburg wants him... are there any rumors in brasilian about that, too?
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    Anyone watching it? I like Handball very much. Watching it for years. I´m going to the THW Kiel very often, since 1998-1999. :rockman: Anyone watching it? Maybe the Users from the East or North
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    Vitali Klitschko retires

    Got that news from TV News (germany) and interviews from him. Now has Hasim Rahman the Title. I don't have any link in English...
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    can someone give me link to gettyimages? i lost all links and files on my pc :S
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    Bundesliga: Borussia Dortmund - Sch*lke 04 [P-R]

    Derby Time!!!! Here are some Infos from our Thread: LETS GO!!!! :D Game will start in 3 h and 20 minutes.
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    [P+R] FC Bayern München - Borussia Dortmund

    BVB against FC Bayern München at München 19.02.2005. BVB News Christian Wörns looks with optimism to Munich: "Every streak comes to an end sometime" [16.02.] The introduction for the pre-match report has been the same for the last couple of years: BVB are seeking to end their longest...
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    Max Schmeling is Dead!

    Greatest Boxer from Germany... R.I.P! :( :( :( :( :(
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    What Number you were?

    I wear the number 19. No other Number in my Size...The Jersey size is S (Europe - Germany).
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    Old love to a Team?

    subject suckz,i know. but i want to know,have you ever supported a club before your current love? i've supported juve before lazio.and i don't know but today i've realize,i don't love lazio anymore. :O i was shoked,but the love is gone. And i Supported ManU since i watched English...
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    SS Lazio Roma Thread [2004-2005]

    S.S Lazio Roma 1900 Since 1900 Adress :Via di Santa Cornelia, 1000 - 00060 Formello, Roma Phone: +39 06-97607111 E-Mail: [email protected] Internet : La Curva Nord With The Lazio Ultras. VIKING LAZIO COMMANDOS MONTEVERDE...
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    I'll have a Problem with this Site. I use Mozilla.
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    Del Piero Wallie!

    -[Del Piero]- Comments.:hump:
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    The Newcastle United Thread [2004-2005]

    Newcastle United Football Club Name : Newcastle United Long Name : Newcastle United FC Creation date : 1881 Address : Newcastle Upon Tyne NE1 4ST Phone : 0191.20.18.400 Fax : 0191.20.18.600 Web : President : Freddie SHEPHERD Coach : SOUNESS Graeme Kit : White...
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    what do you buy lately

    Yeah post what you buy lately (**** English,i know ;D ) I will buy this (H)!!!1
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    Sweden NT Jersey

    a little question.I want to buy the Sweden Jersey. they wear against Netherlands this: Is that their Jersey till the WC?
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    My Thread

    Yeah heres my Thread.:crazyboy: You can request sigs and so. And i'll post my new Works. First: But i can do it better.:confused: