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    Any FIFA 13 Face Making Tutorials?

    Hi, I've come back to the PC version after many years away. Any step by step tutorials people can provide or have links too? I have tried opening the Fifa 13 in Creation Master but it fails on the language db as the array is out of bounds. Has anybody got this to work? Thanks Nack
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    Pes2008 Pc Review + Vid Looks slower which is a huge plus!
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    Video of PES2008 with Commentary!!

    Here you go, the build played is about 4 weeks old. Click on video in middle of the page Another one! England V Holland
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    Pes2008 Latest Build Played! Sounds like alot has been fixed! Should be great for the PC then with all the modding community
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    Pes 2008 Pc 1st Gameplay Vid!
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    EA Sports need to get a grip!

    I will be amazed if any of you PC owners will buy 08 this year! Or any other EA Sports title for that matter. The 2 main games I enjoy are Footie and Golf, hence EA has the licenses to both of these! And from 2003 they have churned out the same **** year after year! Very much the same...
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    Pes5,pes6 Fifa Comms Patch!

    For those who are not aware yet, myself and Kronos over at evo web have been working on fifa commentary for pes5 and pes6. The PES5 version by kronos has already been released and can be found here. My version will hopefully arrive in...
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    Request for FIFA 07 XBOX 360 owners

    I'm planning on doing a commentary patch for the current gen FIFA07 Would somebody be kind enough to upload the Audio.big and Dat_Eng.big files from there fifa 07 xbox360 audio folders to megaupload or something? If these files aren't used in the xbox360 version, the audio folder will do...
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    Xbox 360 Promo

    Not seen this before If re-post my apoligies!
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    Latest PES6 Video!!!

    It's in french but it's one i've not come across yet! Anyway here's the link.
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    Cant wait for PES6!

    After just trying the full version of FIFA 07 it's just made me appreciate PES so much more! If your going to buy FIFA 07 don't! Even if your a little curious, as i've just made that mistake. Apart from the commentary, there is nothing that resembles football at all! So even if there...
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    Finally played the full PC version and....

    What a crock of buggy unplayable crap! Demo plays better What promise the demo showed has been stripped from the final code. If your planning on buying it, don't waste your money, the only version that looks somewhere like is the XBOX 360 version, and you can't edit that. After...
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    2GK Face Textures!

    If is possible? as i'm sick of the stretched burn victim textures!
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    Question for those who bought 06

    When you got the final game, how much did the 06 demo differ from it?? Were there anything that changed and what improvements can we expect when 07 hits the shelves?
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    These faces are what we need to make FIFA! Just visit the page and click on a league emblem on the left side! If we could achieve anything like these, it would be amazing! Face makers can use it for reference aswell!
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    Ball Sound Update!

    Here's an update so you can actually here the ball on short passes now and improved other items. Also make sure you ingame fx volume is set to full. Just unzip the to C:\Program Files\EA SPORTS\FIFA 07 Demo\data\audio Any adjustments? just let me know! Thanks Nack
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    Players i'd numbers for 07

    Anybody have a list of player i'd i,e for faces etc, as file master doesn't want to work on my system, so i'm having to use biggui to export
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    FIFA 07 Gameplay Patch

    Here's what i think is more rounded gameplay and feels just the right speed. Unzip the file, and copy the locale.ini file into the root of the fifa demo folder And copy the ini.big into the C:\Program Files\EA SPORTS\FIFA 07 Demo\data\cmn folder Let me know if it's improved your game...
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    For Those After Slower Game Play

    For those who like slower gameplay, and shots not too fast try this ai.ini update Not done much just a few settings, see if you notice a difference? I've also altered the players turning circles, so they dont turn too quick. Just unzip the file and copy the ai.ini into C:\Program...
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    Commentry Patch Idea for 07

    As I believe this idea will be relativly straight forward, not like ripping fifa commentry to fit Pro-evo's. If Fifa 07 lives up to expectations for us current gen users i believe there may be a chance to strip the Martin Tyler commentry from the XBOX 360 version and insert into the Current...