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    Xbox Live: Tells me I need to sign into the EA Servers

    I also have a problem with the Live options I can connect and download anything and listen to the podcast but when i try to play an online match, i can't..i have my xbox live gold membership... This happens: I select my rival, then my team, uniform and squads...but just after selecting...
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    any question about fifa 08 for xbox 360

    Is there a way to change the way the scoreboard is shown on xbox360?? by default it shows only the logos of the teams...i want it to show the name of the teams also
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    Goalkeepers on corner kick -PC Vers..

    i move the right stick downsides but i got nothhing
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    Goalkeepers on corner kick -PC Vers..

    i'm playing on PC version so i have no idea of which one is the right analog button in my gamepad
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    Goalkeepers on corner kick -PC Vers..

    right analog button?? that doesn't exist, does it?' someone pls tell me
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    Goalkeepers on corner kick -PC Vers..

    i have a problem with my goalkeepers on the PC Version Whenever i get the sign (R) to call the goalie on a last minute corner, i move the right analog stick to any direction but i can't get the goalie to go to the kick does anyone have the same problem?
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    CEP Patch

    No please Not another FIFa with the bugsy CEP Patch this ockham guy still stealing someone else's job
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    How to config manually your gamepad

    i suck at this please help me i have a Genius Maxfire g12u Vibration than ks
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    Listen up all you people who have the full PC version!

    please update the links...not working anymore.
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    PkBomb Kits

    would you make veracruz kits?
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    Request Thread: Kits-Badges-Logos-Sponsors-Textures

    too bad no one is reading our requests
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    Fifa 4 Fans and their "borrowed" sound patches

    This is the same thing as with CEP Patch....."created" by ockha,
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    Request Thread: Kits-Badges-Logos-Sponsors-Textures

    i would like to request veracruz's new kits
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    MexicanTraveller's Workshop

    hey Mexican, u think u can help me with Veracruz new kits?
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    CEP07 3.0 Released

    same complains as last year...and what does this stealer...editor have done?? Wait for FIFA 08, it has been announced to be a stand up from last installments.
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    07 Monkeydragon Series

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    FIFA 07 Editing Tool List

    This link is broken, please check this
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    CEP07 3.0 Released

    Now you get it???? This demonstrates that CEP is full of bugs and is HARMFUL to your FIFA game