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    FIFA08 vs PES2008 (NEXT GEN)

    Lets start again , which one you prefer and state your thoughts personally i prefer FIFA08 because is closest to the real thing, the only true simulator in the market :)
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    Why this year crappy PES gets high in reviews?

    I was wondering why the game called PES2008 get equal or even better reviews from FIFA08? As everybody knows that this year FIFA08 NG is miles better from its rival. Discuss.
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    New Video:Best Gameplay Ever

    2 Links of FIFA NEXT GEN gameplay(amazing)
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    Do u believe FIFA08 next generation its possible to hit high in reviews this year?

    I was thinking this for a while, EA this year has promised us a lot (as does every single year to be honest). Some previews had been written saying some addition to the upcoming game will make the difference. State all your thoughts about the possibility FIFA08 became the number one football...