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    Luis Garcia

    could someone post a screenshot of Luis Garcia? Thanks in advance
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    Network game anyone??

    Anyone wanna play a network game? If so reply with your team name. i will be arsenal. Also add me to your MSN, [email protected]
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    i keep on drawing.....HELP!!!

    I am losing leads all the time, in every match i seem to be winning but then the opposition always draws level.
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    This problem is becoming absolutely rediculous!!!!

    As i have posted before my away form has been poor but now its just getting stupid. Check out the results difference: home: lfc 2-0 pompey lfc 3-3 man u lfc 7-0 fenevercas lfc 4-2 arsenal lfc 2-0 norwich away: fenevarcas 1-1 lfc fulham 2-1 lfc crystal palace 2-1 lfc birmingham 2-0...
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    any different tactics for away games???

    Just look at the contrast!! Home: Liverpool 2-0 Pompey Liverpool 3-3 Man U Liverpool 4-2 Arsenal Away: Palace 2-1 Liverpool Fulham 2-1 Liverpool Please help!!!!!!!
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    how do i transfer badges and kits onto the game??

    and were can i get them from???
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    ive just bought this game and........

    Its amazing, best management game ever!!! Im Liverpool played three friendlies: banik ostrava 1-0 lfc sheff united 0-4 lfc: Cisse(3), Luis Garcia club brugges 0-4 lfc: Cisse(3), Baros The only player i have bought is Larsson, can anyone give me some players that are good but cheap as i...
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    for people finding the game slow...

    Goto Control Panel - System - Advanced - Performance Options - Virtual Memory - You should have this at 384 or 512 MB, if you have a large hard drive with a lot of room you can boost this to 768 or 1024.
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    a few questions

    i have pre ordered the game but i would just like to know.... 1. are the club logos and kits already on the game? 2. what are the mind games like? 3. how hard is it?
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    After 15 yrs on career mode....

    Do you think you would unlock anything, or would it just say "thank you for playing" and return to the main menu. If it did that would suck!!
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    My list of good players to have on career mode

    I have been searching for good players to buy for career mode, and decided that i would look for players 20 and under as they will probably last all the 15 years. I have put the positions of the players on the Italian and Spanish league as you may not know them. Players with stars are the best...
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    I am Crystal Palace in my second season and i won the football league championship. That was my board expectation. But at the end of the season they said they were displeased!!! wtf!!!
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    Check out my fifa site!!

    Its all bout my career onit!! I will get a guestbook on der soon
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    Are you able to play your career team in a friendly?

    Also why does Gazza retire after 1 season??? He'll be playing all his life!!LOL
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    My opinion on the game

    here is what i think the good and bad things about this years fifa are: Positives: first touch thing is pretty good Player likenesses are very good gameplay slightly improved from 04 passing is slicker career mode looks excellant fifa store is a good idea overall more realistic cool...
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    importing teams to fifa

    when you import a team from tcm 2004 to fifa 2004 e.g. dynamo kiev it doesnt seem to save onto fifa permantly, for example i will load up the team switch off the console then put it back on again and the team isnt on play now mode you have to upload it again, is there any way to save the teams...
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    send your career teams to my site

    send in your career teams to my fifa site , deatils are on the site
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    transfering grounds to fifa

    can you transfer grounds to fifa using tcm 2004, so you can put on grounds like st.james park(newcastle)? also can you put players that are on tcm 2004 on fifa that aren't already on fifa?
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    anyone got 5 satrs yet?

    i have 4 1/2 stars after 2 seasons, i havent been offered a new job yet, do u have to get 5 stars to do this?