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    Grafic problem

    Hi all, help me please with my problem. After installing new balls I have grey all moving things - corner flags, fan flags and goal nets. See my pictures ..... I have: Windows 2000 GeForce4 (64MB) I use 3D Analyze with recomended settings, tryed many VGA drivers ......
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    New stadium by

    Hi all, after two months of work I can present my new stadium. It's Andruv stadium - SK SIGMA Olomouc (UEFA Cup 2004/2005). .STI file includes Day and night version of Andrùv stadion. Capacity of stadium is 12.117 visitors, today visit is 8.909 :) Download link...
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    Graffic card? Problem

    Hi all, I have a big problem with graffic in FIFA 2003. The same problem I have with FIFA 2004 Demo, but f.e. NHL 2004 Demo is OK. It's nVIDIA GEFORCE4 MX440SE 64MB DDR TV-out AGP. Can I change any settings? Can You help me? "Your Graffic Card is crap" is not help.
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    Czech Super Patch released

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    Question for stadium makers

    Have anybody the same problem with blue polygons? have any solutions?
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    New Czech stadium

    Viktoria Zizkov stadium is done - download at
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    Rotating Adboards - my idea

    In FIFA are used changing textures - crowdhi. There are crowdhi.fsh, crowdhi.tpl a crowdhi.txb files. I think, it may be the way, how to make rotating adboards. If somebody can make adbord.txb file, there is no problem make f.e. aabd, aa02, aa03 ....
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    My first stadium

    I finished my first stadium - Andrs stadium - Sigma Olomouc (CZE, UEFA Cup 2002 / 2003) more
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    Question for stadium makers

    I make stadium for Sigma Olomouc (Czech team in UEFA Cup 2002-2003) and I have 2 problems: 1) grass displays like blue, but in pit04.fsh is sure turn green 2) some transparent area they are project white - see. lights on tribune on the right, but transparency is setting (see. screen...
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    Question for StadiumMakers

    Is there any utility, which can convert old (or original EA) stadiums to G3 format? ThanX
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    First BootsPack with captains armbands

    Hi all FIFA fans, here is first Boots Pack without loosing captain armbands. Now You can use 6 Boots (Adidas, Nike, Puma, Umbro, Diadora and Reebok) in 6 colors. This pack is made especialy for Czech Super Patch. You can download