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    Great movie to rent? (hakeem?Bobby?)

    I was looking for something to watch over the weekend, so far I have not been able to rent anything good, except for The Prestige, which ws great. I like almost any type of movie, but I love good,deep stories, I like movies that challenge the viewer to think whether philosophically or through...
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    simple questions

    1) How do I tell my team to rest the day after a match? I have been playing 05 all this time. 2) I am playing as Spurs, we beat West Brom 5-0 in a friendly, but now almost all my players say they dont feel I give the team enough credit, under the Slight Concerns tab. During the pre and...
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    PKs to be no more!

    So say the Americans. Everytime I turn on the news it is either about Zidane or about how "crap" the PK system is. The producers have given these dopes 5 extra minutes to fill with soccer, so they pull this out of their asses. The worst part is they don't get anyone that knows soccer to argue...
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    FM06 VS FM05 +Training question

    Three threads in one. First, how much better is 06 to fm05, I have a really good game going in 05 with Ajax in a custom super league, but I have been gone for a while so I am not sure if I should just give up on finishing. Second, something I have always wondered about the FM games, which one...
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    hydroxy cut

    I know there are a lot of fitness people here,have any of you guys used this stuff? I have talked to a ton of people at my gym and have read some reviews online, and they all agree on one thing, this stuff makes you lose a ton of weight fast. The problem is it is a bit dangerous, so anyone here...
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    Prophet Muhammed cartoons?

    By now most of you guys would have heard about what is going on in Denmark and in europe. Cartoons of Muhammed with a bomb in his turban being published all over europe. Provocation or free speech?? There is no doubt in my mind it is 100% provocation. After Sept. 11 there were tons of...
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    Richard Avedon kills Ringo Starr

    nope, he didnt, but does anyone know where I can get a computer background with all 4 of the famous Richard Avedon Beatles portraits? Any other good wallpapers are welcome too. I'll delete the thread when I get my wallpaper.
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    SUV Drivers?

    How many people here drive an SUV, what do you think about them? I am looking at maybe buying a Nissan Xterra with the money left from paying for school. I was hellbent on buying a Jeep Grand cherokee, but I was told that the Xterra was better. Anyone have anything else to add for or against...
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    I am writing an essay on problems facing countries freed from occupation. Not so much Palastine, but African and North African nations. Can I get some help? I can always switch to a stupid essay on my grandparents, but I would rather do something political. So what are the problems facing those...
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    car speaker help...

    I think blew out my damn car speakers this morn. I ones on the right work fin, the ones in the back work fine, but the one on my left, in the drivers door wont work. It has done this before,but it came back on within a few minutes, anyone have any idea what it could be? I right side is starting...
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    I have 40 grand...spend it for me...please

    I just got $40,000 in the bank, and I need help spending it. Because of Financial Aid, college is 100% paid for. I had 70 grand, but I gave 30 to my family. I need to find a new car, Luxury only,I am not a car type of person, so does anyone have any ideas on a car that will really stand out...
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    Bob Marley+Reggae

    I am looking for some songs from him where his voice takes center stage so to speak. Songs like, Redemtion Song, Jammin, Buffu. Soldier, Stand Up for your Rights. I have found a lot of songs where the chorus or beat drown out his voice,like Satisfy My Soul, Stir it Up, I guess you could say I am...
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    Summer, The End, and Back To School...thread

    Back to school, back to school. I still have a month left, but everything has really slowed down, party-wise and doing anything fun in general. With everyone getting ready to go off to college or HS no one seems to have time to do anything more than go to a movie and a dinner, which gets...
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    Too much of a good thing?

    I will start out with a little back story. My formation: --------------GK--------------- DR-----------DC--------------DL----- --------DMC------DMC--------------- MR----------------------------ML---- V(both) V V---------------AMC-------- ----------FW------------FW...
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    Yes or No thread.

    Thought this was a good idea. On IM anyway, there are a lot of people asking for advice on transfers and the like, those people can get a lot more answers if it was in the forum. Anyway, if there is something like this already on the forums, forget about this thread and just answer my question...
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    Harry Potter Book Thread.

    I thought since Filipower's first thread was turned into trash, that I would just make a new thread. Most people have had time to read number 6 by now I think. What do you guys think? This is without a doubt the best of the 6, I didn't really like number 5 much(compared to other books, it...
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    Euro Premier League?

    Has anyone dled this path yet? I am wondering how the CL and UEFA cup work in this thing. Is it done as normal, top 4 go through to next years tournament, or do the top 4 from each of the 4 "super leagues" go in?
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    Classic Rock Thread

    The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, The Who, Pink Floyd, Led Zep. Post some songs you really like from any classic rock artists or groups, I for one hear their music everywhere, but sometimes have a hard time getting the name of the tunes. I will start off: Jimi...
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    Some Computer Help needed.

    for the past week I have not been able to shut down my computer. When I go to the start menu, and then click shut down, the computer restarts itself,I end up having to turn the power off. I am using WIN ME. Alsom could someone direct me to a computer chat where I could get some help?