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    The Experimental Workshop

    Thanks guy's here's some more.......
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    ^^ Desktop Showoff

    here's mine......... :)
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    MM: Tell me about your managerial career.

    I'm still in my first season as Man united (i all ways start with them) top of Prem 5 point clear...... i never sim a match and play 7 min half's and i set up for every game so each game takes about 20-25 min to play..... and i'm on pro at the moment but i am thinking about going to World...
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    Difficult to score.

    Well 1. pro level 2. normal speed 3. everything on manual 4. 7 min's per half 5. i have the camera set to dynamic but zoomed out as far as pos and as high as pos..... 6 and i play a passing game and build up through the team with 1 or 2 long balls thrown in to change things a bit..... PS...
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    Tottenham sack Ramos

    I hope your right Pede it's been realy sad to see what's gone on these last cople of month's......
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    Difficult to score.

    I'm on pro and with all help turned off, and it's great!!!!! hard but not imposable to score goals and allso it's harder to keep the goals out at your own end too..... Great game (playing on Xbox 360)
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    best pro evo game in series

    YES i think so....... Cos from then it's gone downhill........big time.
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    Ok guys, FIRST IMPRESSIONS, please!

    niceman get a life mate....... "I dont care what u think i know for a fact that PES 2009 is way better." how is this a fact... cos you say so....... Get a life.... and i don't think that anyone here cares what you think.... we will all have our fav's yours is Pes and mine is fifa...
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    Ok guys, FIRST IMPRESSIONS, please!

    well on the xbox 360 Pes 2009 was nasty and i mean nasty....... but then fifa 09 demo was only a little better...... BUT i now have the full game of Fifa 09 and it is fantastic to say the least, realy realy smooth and the phisics are great (best i've seen EVER)..... i was'ent going to buy Pes...
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    FIFA 09 vs PES2009

    Well i've been playing Fifa 09 and PES 2009 Demos....... and there is a clear winner by a long way..... and that Fifa 09 IT'S way way better than Pes this year..... i could go in to what's better but the list is to long... Pes is going down hill fast.... and i wont be buying it this year it...
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    extend the time for the playstation 3

    Me too this is a great game...... and as far as i've seen pes won't get even close to Fifa again this year.....(and i'm only talking about next GEN)
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    Too Difficult

    When you have the ball pass it around till you find gaps to get into the goal, fifa 08 (360) is way diffrent to any other fifa game to date so you will have to change your playing style a bit and Just practice loads... Best football game EVER......
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    I'm in love

    Well i havent seen any of thease prob's that you all talk about...... all i can say is if your trying to play this like the old fifa's your going to get creamed, you have to think more and PASS THE BALL LOADS, find a space then you CAN score some GREAT GOALS........... I LOVE THIS...
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    keep headers down

    it,s about timing....... or a dobble tap works too.....
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    Konami got the message....

    Stop talking CRAP mate you havent played fifa08.......... cos if you had you would know it's the best football game out there..(bar none) PES is getting worse every year wich is a shame, cos 3 years ago thay could not be touched but now thay have fallen way way short and if you would wake...
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    I'm in love

    i'm with you mate you have to grow with the game and play on manual....... sorry but it is a much better game than pes in every way...... and it's only going to get better......;)
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    Konami got the message....

    i think it's a bit late now.... by then we will all be Fifa fans......for shure:)
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    360 - Manager/Tournament mode question.

    you have toplay one season and if your in top three it will be there next season.....
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    FIFA 08 Review on TeamXBOX

    good review i think we will see the compleat game in Fifa 09.....:) cos if you sit back and think what EA has managed to get done in the last year Fifa 09 will be the biz....:) RB
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    Question for 360 users! How can I play a season

    i don't think you can mate not till 2009 fifa....... i hope