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  1. Lebor30

    Voleck's Kits & Minikits

  2. Lebor30

    kotiara6863's Stadiums

  3. Lebor30

    Total graphic patch [MoviesGDB/ScoreboardsGDB/TVLogosGDB]

    hello, how do i install the popup on MWM patch? i'm replacing the files on copamerica cenenario, i replace the dressings and balls adboards i dont knw where to put the popup. thanks sorry for my bad english
  4. Lebor30

    Rique's Works

    if im not wrong with creation master go to team then flags and import it I'm not sure for the the scarfs, i make rx3 and placed it on flag folder sorry for my broken english
  5. Lebor30

    Rique's Works

    thanks, it will be great if you update Chelsea's too
  6. Lebor30

    FIFA 19 Official Squad file

    is there new squad update of june 30?
  7. Lebor30

    Kits Nobody Wants by makispla

    is it just me? barca and madrid kits have small size and low resolution?
  8. Lebor30

    More Bodytypes

    is this only for women body types?
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    Diegote's Kits

  10. Lebor30

    RTWC PATCH - CAF All stadiums, in full quality PES 6 - to convert

    plz Convert "ETH - Addis Ababa Stadium"
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    stadiums verdun

    Nice work
  12. Lebor30

    stadiums verdun

  13. Lebor30

    karron97's Faces (WWTFM)

    thanks bro