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  1. nor-rbk

    The Eyjafjallajökull throw-in

    Seen quite a few of these. There's one in the Norwegian league who does this too, but he throws much longer than this Icelandic man.
  2. nor-rbk

    The Future of SG Forum?

    About the software update, I have no idea why this has taken so long and will contact Matt and ask him about the progress.
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    Threads with unread posts are marked with bold titles. Besides from that there is no way to mark unread posts.
  4. nor-rbk

    Can't download attached files

    We have a problem with older attachments, I think they're deleted from the server or something. So there is no way to download that file. You could contact the uploader and ask if he still has it though.
  5. nor-rbk

    Need a little help (takes you one second)

    I don't have all of them actually, been spamming around on facebook too :P
  6. nor-rbk

    Need a little help (takes you one second)

    Don't know if it helps if you constantly refresh, if anyone has tried to then it doesn't because there's no one with many visits. So far: Norway 26 United States 5 Estonia 4 Australia 3 Portugal 2 Canada 1 United Kingdom 1 Croatia 1 Iceland 1 Netherlands 1
  7. nor-rbk

    Need a little help (takes you one second)

    I'm doing an assignment at my university where I'm supposed to learn about Google Analytics. But I don't have any personal blog or website to collect stats from. But I made a very easy page which I would be very happy if you visited, so I could get the stats I need to do the assignment. Just...
  8. nor-rbk

    FM 2012 bitches!

    And this is not the place to post it. Read the rules, no warez.
  9. nor-rbk

    FM 2012 bitches!

    Bah, I got the game, but I don't dare to install it yet. I have exams coming up soon and don't want to fail because of a computer game. Going to be some tough weeks...
  10. nor-rbk

    The Music/Movies Forums

    Yeah, we have been discussing this some and I totally agree with you and so does most of the other mods too. So it will be merged soon I guess.
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    No point in that. We immediately ban spammers when we see them post. So it would help much more if you reported the post instead. :-)
  12. nor-rbk

    Attendance At Stadiums

    The weather is the Norwegian's favourite topic. Not joking, it actually is. I personally don't care about the weather at games, I always go (season card) regardless of the weather. I didn't go the EL game against Leverkusen last year though, but then it was -20*C and I had an exam the day after.
  13. nor-rbk

    Attendance At Stadiums

    We do have had some great players in the league the last years, but there are so few of them. And the overall quality is awful, the Norwegian league is currently ranked as 25th in Europe, and it seems like more and more people are getting aware of this. We can see EPL, La Liga, CL and Serie A...
  14. nor-rbk

    Attendance At Stadiums

    We have the same problem here in Norway. 2007 was a record year with an average attendance at 10 555 which is very high considering inhabitants, I actually think it was one of the highest ratios in the world. This year we are currently at 7 991, which includes all sold tickets and not the actual...
  15. nor-rbk

    New Season Team Threads.

  16. nor-rbk

    Where's the Fifa 12 section?

    The FIFA 12 forum will be up and running within a few days, no later than wednesday. :-)
  17. nor-rbk

    SG's Babe 2011 - Semifinals - SF2

    I blame the spam bots.
  18. nor-rbk

    SG's Babe 2011 - Semifinals - SF2

    No, I did not add 100 votes to Bar...
  19. nor-rbk

    2014 World Cup qualification draws

    We bribed FIFA of course, what else?