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  1. Hisashi

    Hello Lads.

    I used to be on this forums a lot during my teen years. Anyway, I just suddenly remembered all about this place and wanted to check up on the place. I'm pretty sure most of the people I knew here are totally inactive by now but if you by any chance read this, I hope you're doing fine amidst this...
  2. Hisashi


    Ah, it's already new years in my time zone so yeah. Cheers everyone! This forum might be not as active as it was before (it wasn't very active before either) I still wish you all guys a great 2018. I learned lots of lessons and knowledge in these forums, believe it or not so thanks a lot! Long...
  3. Hisashi

    Any News On National Teams In FIFA 17?

    I heard J-League will be added and maybe CSL too but I'm more concerned about the National teams. Does J-League being included in FIFA 17 mean that Japan NT have a pretty much sure ball chance of being included in the international teams? Or will I be disappointed again this year? MORE national...
  4. Hisashi

    Why Is Football so popular? *Need Help*

    Guys I need some help so I have this presentation to do on monday about football and I need a blog or somethin explaining why football is so popular around the world! thanks :D
  5. Hisashi

    Which footballer was the reason you started watching/loving football?

    Which footballer was the reason you started watching/loving football? Who is it? :innocent_smile_1: ------- Mine was Cristiano Ronaldo. When I was kid I used to watch all his games when he was still in Man Utd because his dribbling skills was so awesome! His pace,skills. He was just eye...
  6. Hisashi

    FIFA 08 Faces by Hisashi

    Finally after 3 days of practicing I finally learned how to make faces for fifa 08 :). So now that I know hwo to make faces for fifa 08 I'll share all my works with you guys and hopefully you guys like them :). =========================================================== My first face worked...
  7. Hisashi

    Happy Birthday 4ndr3i

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY 4ndr3i :33vff3o::33vff3o::33vff3o::33vff3o::33vff3o::33vff3o::33vff3o::33vff3o::33vff3o::33vff3o: :33vff3o::33vff3o::33vff3o::33vff3o::33vff3o::33vff3o::33vff3o::33vff3o::33vff3o::33vff3o:
  8. Hisashi

    Help ?

    Hi I wanna make kits for fifa 08 and I am asking help if anyone can give good kit templates and some nike,puma,adidas templates etc for kitmaking??
  9. Hisashi

    Gareth Bale : Is He As Good As Messi And Ronaldo ?

    Is he good enough to be compared to CR7 or Messi ?
  10. Hisashi

    What do you think about my other country ?

    What do you think of my other country ??
  11. Hisashi

    Chelsea FC [2012-2013]

    Well i cant see any chelsea thread here so i made one since other from Barcelona , Chelsea is the only team i ll support so thats it anyways BPL Standings POS LP CLUB P W D L PTS 1 (1) Manchester United 22 18 1 3 55 2 (2) Manchester City...
  12. Hisashi

    How good are you in playing football ?

    How good are you in playing football ? oh and what position do you play best ? I play the role of the defensive midfielder . Im not really good at soccer i mean i can kick the ball , pass the ball basic stuffs but i aint really good . Lets say if i were to play for the youth squad of the best...
  13. Hisashi

    What do you think of my country

    Just got the idea from sepak i think , anyways what do you think my country negative or positive ?
  14. Hisashi

    Snake eats man !

    In Indonesia a giant Burmese Python swallows a full grown man and while the snake was moving away it became stuck between fences and tried to go back and ended up choking to death. The locals of the village found the snake the following day and pulled it from the fences out into the open where...
  15. Hisashi

    Adboards Factory

    I wanted to share my work to the 08 forum so here it is . I ll be taking request any request oh and heres my works so far Chelsea Man Utd Man City
  16. Hisashi

    Adboards Factory

    Hey guys i m back making adboards any request are welcome Ill post my works a little bit later (H)
  17. Hisashi

    Hisashi"s Kit Tutorial

    Hope I help out . Heres the video tutorial Youtube Link : ================================= I-p41_7Pfx0 Cheers :jap::jap::jap::jap:
  18. Hisashi

    Simsimi I was talking with these thing for like an hour telling him nothing but nonsense it was a great way to get rid of boredness
  19. Hisashi

    Gunman kills 28 in Connecticut school

    This guy....... Whats happening with america just a few while back there were also killings ?
  20. Hisashi

    Whats happening

    Whats happening recently i have been having like problems with loading threads some load very fast some dont even load its not in my net my net loads other sites fast