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  1. RSfandud

    imNICKed Boots

    Hi! first of all thank you so much for this great work, i played the WC mode and i realized that some players have specific boots assigned by default, when i use the bootpack everything goes well but there’s something that must be changed, for example players with magista opus assigned (Kimmich...
  2. RSfandud

    Leandro Ariagno's Mods

    Hi Leandro, thanks for you ESPN logo, i would like to make a request if you don't mind. this TV logo :)
  3. RSfandud

    Perry's Faces

    Thank you for the mega facepack<3
  4. RSfandud

    Kits By DerArzt26

    Thanks mate, they look amazing ingame :)
  5. RSfandud

    RSFandude's Graphics

    thought they were going to play against Ivory Coast, but i don’t know what happened and the match was posponed. What’s next on the list? :)
  6. RSfandud

    The Wizard's Stadiums - MEWA Arena - EA Update RELEASED

    Amazing, maybe you should ask Raldney how to put the subs on the benches, i don't know how but he already did it :D
  7. RSfandud

    FIFA World Cup 2018 Graphic/Stuff

    Great initiative, i like the idea about intro videos and also replay logos are really needed too, if anyone reading this knows how... this is the thread :)
  8. RSfandud

    My fantasy artwork

    I see a lot of improvement there, keep it up mate :D
  9. RSfandud


    Thank you nabo, Nemeziz looks awesome
  10. RSfandud

    RSFandude's Graphics

    Those were already made by some user from fifaplanet, saw the match against Stuttgart and nothing has changed, only adidas ads, ill send them to you via PM Bosnia and Herzegovina NT adboards.
  11. RSfandud

    Raldney3d Stadium

    Amazing level of details, The reserves are correctly seated on the benches :o
  12. RSfandud

    RSFandude's Graphics

    Sure mate, thank you for the support :)
  13. RSfandud

    FIFA 16 Soundtrack

    Tested the tool, there are improvements and im very happy with the result, looking forward to the final release, you did an awesome work Rizzaldio, thank you!
  14. RSfandud

    RSFandude's Graphics

    Ok, there was nothing much left to do with this... Im also looking how to create Replay Logos but no luck yet. Who needs a DLC when we can create things like this?
  15. RSfandud

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    Played this recently and it’s upsetting, WC2014 was a whole experience, now they only care about FUT. Of course they gave us the stadiums and the official kits but i really expected more than a few faces and menu graphics...
  16. RSfandud

    FIFA 16 Soundtrack

    Thank you i’ll test it tomorrow, looking forward to start with the album covers :)
  17. RSfandud

    Adboards, Balls, Boots, Scoreboards, etc Forum Related Questions and Answers Thread

    Tried to make them work via db master and cm 16, no luck yet, i think it's neccesary to open the stadium 3d model and edit from there, i wish Waldstadion had animated adboards :)
  18. RSfandud

    2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Patch - FIFA16,18 or Official Game

    Really bad news there mate, still grateful for your overall work. One question, what about the ones you posted in your thread? i can help you with the graphics if you want.
  19. RSfandud

    Carson's Kits

    My condolences.