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  1. Damien

    FIFA 20 Banner & Flag Generator

    This generator will allow you to create your own personalized banners and flags for FIFA 20 in a matter of minutes. The generator was created for those who have little or no experience with Photoshop or similar graphic design softwares. The download includes the banners and flag generators...
  2. Damien

    Revolution DB Master 19

    Rinaldo has returned for FIFA 19 with a new tool called Revolution DataBase Master 19 in collaboration with Fidel aka Doctor+ Productions. This tool is very similar in functions with the old Internal Master and allows you do edit the database tables present in the FIFA 19 career and tournament...
  3. Damien

    Menu Update Patch 14

    If you're tired of the plain default FIFA 14 UI then it's your lucky day because now you have the chance to change it thanks to my latest mod called Menu Update Patch 14 or MUP 14. The patch will give that NEXT GEN feel to to your FIFA 14 PC menu. Bellow you can see IN-Game screens of...
  4. Damien

    .:: Damien's Workshop 13 ::.

    Here I'll share all my FIFA 13 works! Let's start with some new EPL banners: West Ham: Reading:
  5. Damien

    .:: Revolution Mod 12 ::.

    .:: Revolution Mod 12 V.1.2 ::. Version 1.2 -Assign snow balls to teams and tournaments. -Assign GK gloves to goalkeepers. -Assign GK pants, nets and mow patturns to teams. -Assign a set of GK kits to a team for random GK kit selection. -Assign adboards to stadiums. -Use graphics...
  6. Damien

    .:: Graphic Switcher 12 ::.

    .:: Graphic Switcher 12 ::. After many months of work FIFA Infinity presents you our biggest patch tool ever made for FIFA 12,the Graphic Switcher 12!Tool developed by our great programmer,scouser09!This program allows you to quickly switch graphics in FIFA 12!The tool contains over 100...
  7. Damien

    .:: Damien's FIFA 12 Graphics ::.

    Hey guys,here I'll post my works and patches for FIFA 12: .:: Generic Adboards Patch::.
  8. Damien

    .:: Damien's Workshop ::.

    Hey guys,I'm Damien from and I'll post here my patches for FIFA 11! English Premier League Flag Pack
  9. Damien

    .:: Damien's Modding Thread ::.

    Hi guys!I'm Damien the founder of the site and here i shall present you my own mods for FIFA 10! :) So let's start: International Flag Patch v.1 Download: FIFA Club World Cup 2009 Adboards Download...
  10. Damien

    .:: Confederation Cup Patch 09 ::.

    ============================================================================================================================================ .:: FIFA-EVOLUTION ::. ~ Confederation Cup 09 Patch ~ ==================================================================== Confederation Cup 09 Patch...
  11. Damien

    .:: English Premier League Update ::.

    ================================================== ==================== English Premier League Update ================================================== ==================== The English Premier League Update contains: - Kits (Home,Away,GK & Thirds for some teams + National) - Minikits...
  12. Damien

    .:: Menu Graphic Update 09 ::.

    ====================================================================== Menu Graphic Update 09 ====================================================================== The following menu patch contains : - 5 New Backgrounds (4 vista bg’s + 1 stock image) - New Logos for all teams...
  13. Damien

    Fifa Evolution 09 Demo 29 Teams Patch

    ====================================================================== ==> Fifa 09 Demo 29 Teams Patch <== ====================================================================== INTRODUCTION - An independently exclusive patch with 29 add-on teams to FIFA 09 database, you can play your...
  14. Damien

    .:: Damien's Workshop ::.

    My work for 09 : Fifa 09 Adboards: Fifa 09 Demo Logos: DOWNLOAD:;11773711;/fileinfo.html America Flagpack: PSV Flagpack: Fenerbache Flagpack: Toronto Flagpack: All flags will be 126 x 64...
  15. Damien

    .:: Damien's Workshop ::.

    Some of my work.... Euro 2008 Minifaces (480 minifaces): Ligue 1 Ingame Logos & Menu Logos(in colaboration with Touchdown): Ligue 1 GuiBanners: Ligue1 Adboards: SM Caen Home - Away 08-09:
  16. Damien

    ..::: Fifa 08 Menu Graphic Update :::..

    The Fifa 08 Menu Graphic Update contains: -576 New Logos (debutqnt,Mayal, Dyddis, Forzalyonnais, Sir Bobby, Damn3d, nemenems, Gailland, shevelevee, Sotero, Krankl, Kanye, Loco, Pachmach, D3niz,Damien aka FC Vaslui) -576 New GUI Banners (Damien aka FC Vaslui) -New Theme (Damien aka FC...
  17. Damien

    Miniface Tutorial( In this tutorial you will learn how to make minifaces. The tutorial was made by me and with the help of moscor for finding me a good desktop recorder :) A SS of the miniface that i have made with the tutorial: Enjoy it! If you have any...
  18. Damien

    HD Logo's Tutorial ( In this tutorial you can learn how to make high-definition logos for FIFA 08. Here's an SS of the Arsenal logo that i've made with this tutorial for the game: All the credits for this tutorial goes to me and Moscor for finding me a good desktop...
  19. Damien

    <:>FC Vaslui's Miniface's<:>(

    FC Barcelona C.A. Osasuna Steaua Bucharest Romania Netherland Post your comments plz :) If you want the packs join: ;)
  20. Damien

    Importing Stadiums?

    How can i import stadiums in FIFA08?I've searched all the forum and couldn't find anything :(