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  1. Sebastian Jangebring

    Covert files from FIFA16 to 21

    Hi, I made some parts of a mod a few years ago to FIFA16 is it possible to convert these files so I could work with them in FIFA21? (like kits, squads, banner and so on)
  2. Sebastian Jangebring

    Swedish scoreboard

    Does someone have Cmore scoreboard for Allsvenskan and Superettan? Or maybe you can create, pm me! Also need banners for Swedish teams so pm me if you have any.
  3. Sebastian Jangebring

    How to create a second division?

    Hi! Im trying to make the second division in Sweden (Superettan called) i got almost everything ready in terms of teams and logos and so on but now to the hard part, how do ì create a second division under Allsvenskan and how does it work with promotions and relegations. Also how do i intergrate...
  4. Sebastian Jangebring

    Free Agents

    Hello! Im making a mod (Swedish Second League) and wonder if someone has a huge free agent pool that i could use?
  5. Sebastian Jangebring

    Scandinavian Lower Leagues

    Is it someone that would be interested in doing a scandinavian lower league pack (Superettan, Tipsligan, Obos ligaen and so on) for FIFA 16? I got a lot of logos and minifaces to start with!