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    Hi Does anyone know where I can download the newest version of the padpatcher ? Thanks in advance.
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    Liverpool files

    Hi everyone COuld somebody please tell me where are the Liverpool Files of Fifa 09 located(in which folder). I would like to replace them with the original files, because somehow the game always crashed when I play against Pool. It´s only against Pool. Thanks for your help
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    Xbox 360 updates

    Hi everyone I´m playing Fifa 09 on my computer but yesterday I visited my friend who has also FIfa 09 but on Xbox 360. It was a great experience to play the NG version and a great feeling (H) My question is. Is it somehow possible to update his roster with the newest players ? The...
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    Online mode

    Hi everyone I have the following problem. Everytime when I play against someone who choose Liverpool the game crashes. What is wrong ?
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    Winter Update 09

    I have a question referring to the Winter Update and CM 09. I downloaded the update as it was released and everything works fine. But all the new players(like Zoran Tosic) and transfers(Huntelaar to Real Madrid) didn´t show up in CM09. Zoran Tosic still isn´t avaliable on CM09 and...
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    Fc Bayern

    Played a game against Munich and I saw that Rensing´s kit is somehow.....I don´t know what happened .... What might be the problem ? Take a look.
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    Connection with the other player has benn lost

    Hi :) I want to ask you a question. When I´m playing online against France or Bayern Munich the game goes for about 7-10 minutes but then I recieve the message: Connection with the other player has benn lost. It´s only against France and Bayern Munich. What could be the reason ?
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    DominikManUtd - Manchester United Patch

    I´d like to ask if someone would be interested in making a Manchester United patch(inlcuding adboards,faces,minifaces,stadium,kits). The kits are already made by a user so it wouldn´t be necessary to make some kits again. It would be really great if someone would be interested in this work and...
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    Old Trafford

    Hi everyone =) So I saw the Old Trafford Stadium which was made by eafh. In my opinion this is the best stadium which was made so far (Y) Here´s a pic of the stadium: Eafh wrote that this stadium is for FIFA 09 demo version. Is it somehow possible to convert this stadium for the FIFA 09 full...