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    Long sleeves: question for Chau

    I'm asking this directly to Chau because he's the creator of the official editor and he's in touch with Ea developers: is it possible or not to activate long sleeves in Fifa 2005? As we know, this option doesn't work in CC and no one knows how to activate it....So I'm asking for a sure and...
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    Big Raptor Settings

    Can someone please tell me which are the paths to insert in the boxes ("Ea Graph Path" and "Oedit Path") of the Big Raptor settings in order to make it work? (I want to install some boots but without those settings they appear in the game as missing textures) Thanks in advance for help(Y)
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    Mud on uniforms

    I haven't found a thread that talks about this thing (sorry if I'm wrong)...I've noticed that in the match only the uniforms of the home team get dirty, while the ones of the away squad remains always perfectly clean... Is this bizarre situation another imperfection of the game?