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    My minikit thread

    Ok i give up hope for making regular kits. I decided to stick on minikits as they look much better than my kits. Here are the first ones i made. They are the first ones so dont say anything offensive please.
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    Good looking kits

    Hey everybody! do you know how to make good looking kits because my kits get awful. they simply suck. I can't get that real looking style and i'm not good either good with collars. Could somebody plz gimmie sum tips or make a tutorial of how to make good looking kits. Plz. :ewan:
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    Team numbers

    Hey peeps. as you know the folder data/gui/assets/kits could you tell me what are the codes of the teams so i could put my minikits
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    kit & minikit textures?

    Just a question. Where can i find the Kit & minikit textures?