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    Goalkeepers on corner kick -PC Vers..

    i have a problem with my goalkeepers on the PC Version Whenever i get the sign (R) to call the goalie on a last minute corner, i move the right analog stick to any direction but i can't get the goalie to go to the kick does anyone have the same problem?
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    Kit Master 07, Sound Master 07

    Two things: I've tried to install the kit master 07 but is asking me for the NET Framework so the installing file can be opened. I've installed net frameworkd 2.0 but the problem still there... Another question, when will the sound master be launched?
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    I need to know why...

    i was editing all the mexican league transfers for this summer. I created new players when it was necesary when i tried to play fifa, the game crashed to windows just before the "press any key" display had showed up. i need to know why this happened. i didn't delete any player from the...
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    Ockhams CEP is full of bugs

    Hey i suggest to all people not to trust the CEP patch. i have the reports of at least 50 guys that told me the CEP had lots of bugs involving game crashes, graphic bugs and awful gameplay. and also there're rumors of the stealing of copyrights....
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    Sound Master 06 is not working

    I need help with Sound Master. I used it a lot to import new chants and everything went well. I tried to import new chants but when loading the chants the Sound Master didn't work and this message appeared "Index was outside the bounds of array" and the details are these: