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    About modern superstars...

    Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, two of today's best footballers. Extraordinary skills from both players which all of us have seen. But these skills are not shown at all on international level. Cristiano Ronaldo has done 23 goals in 75 matches for Portugal. He scored his first goal in this...
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    Online playing for the 2010 FIFA World Cup Mod

    Well, I guess that a thread like this one could be used here so that people can gather and play against each other using Direct IP or whatever on the fantastic mod. Who knows, maybe a tournament can be made so that people choose which team to play and we'll have our own little World Cup where...
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    How do you make gameplays for FIFA?

    Well, the topic's name says it, I want to know how to make gameplays so I can give it a try and make some
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    A suggestion for a patch

    Well, I've got a good suggestion for a patch, the suggestion is a sort of a celebration patch for the game, I remember FIFA 09 at XBOX when I played it that you could run around and choose celebrations to do, I think it would be awesome to have it for PC aswell but I don't know, it's probably...
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    A FIFA Ranking for UEFA EURO 2008

    I was wondering, does anyone know some patch that adds a FIFA Ranking for countries in any FIFA or UEFA EURO game? I have searched but I haven't been able to find anything, if ít is possible to make a FIFA Ranking through some tools that you know, please add it here, I would be happy to make one...