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    Sound Master 08

    Hi there, Does anyone have Rinaldo's Sound Master 08 file that they can reupload for me please? In fact, does anyone have all of his old 08 utilities? Thanks.
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    RPL patch problem

    Hi, I've got a problem when I install a Russian league patch (any RPL patch). I can play with any of the teams, in friendlies, and everything seems to be okay. But when I try to go onto manager mode with one of the teams, either when I choose a team, or when I click 'new manager mode', the...
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    Victor Valdes, Dudek EA Minifaces

    Can someone please post up here, as PNG files, the EA minifaces of Victor Valdes of Barcelona and Jerzy Dudek of Real Madrid pls?
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    who is this EA miniface?

    does anyone know who this EA miniface is? thanks
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    C. Ronaldo Free Kicks for 08?

    Would it be possible to create a patch taking Cristiano Ronaldo's 09 freekick stance and import it into Fifa 08? Cos that's the only thing I like about 09...and I want to move it to my 08...
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    free kick help?

    hi, can anyone please tell me how to drill a low free kick? in fifa 08, it used to be Q+D, but now Q is for the second person to shoot, if one is called up. now i do not know how to shoot low free kicks... also, there is a glitch which i had many times, when i am caught offside in second...
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    Anyone have Arnau's Ilsinho?

    Hi, would anyone happen to have Arnau's old Ilsinho? He has lost it, but maybe someone downloaded it before it was lost...? Please re-upload onto or if you have, anyone. Thanks!
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    Cm 08 Help Please!!!

    I accidentally 'Let free' Juan Sebastian Veron on Creation Master 08, can anyone help me please??? I was trying to transfer him to a club (but I do not know how - can someone please walk me through on this??) and accidentally 'let free' him on the Argentina national team selection. How can I get...
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    Please help!!!

    I installed a Russian League 08 patch thing before deciding I didn't want it. However, it changed my background to a picture of Arshavin and Malafeyev, whereas I prefer the background to remain normal - where can I change this, and how? Thanks, Jon