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    MLS Stadium annouced for FIFA 12!

    Upcoming MLS member Vancouver Whitecaps FC just annouced their special partnership agreement with EA SPORTS. Following to this they stated that Whitecaps FCs BC Place Stadium will be included in FIFA 12. To many of the FIFA-Insiders around the forums this won't be a too big surprise...
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    [REQUEST] Export of FIFA kits

    Is someone able to export all the kits in FIFA 11 and provide it here for the community? It would be a good help for kitmakers and people like me who are currently unable to export all the stuff. I would then try to make blanco templates for public use, similar to what we had in Kit Design...
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    FIFA World Cup South Africa Official Trailer

    I wonder why nobody seems to care about it... but anyways here it is, enjoy: Link: For more information, I suggest you the official forums.
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    CEP-like-patch with quality?

    Just for general interest... What do you think, is it possible to make a CEP similar patch (massive addition of new Leagues) with acceptable quality? Please take in mind that I'm only talking about a patch that gets released in the lifespan of the actual FIFA game. What would have to be done...
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    FIFA 10 Events all over Europe

    Expect new information on FIFA 10 to come very soon! According to twitter entries by David Rutter and Luke Didd, there will be a large number of FIFA events in Europe, the next days. This will properbly be the first time pc gamers get some first screenshot and deeper information. Starting on...
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    FIFA 10 Information Thread

    Welcome to the general FIFA 10 information thread here at Soccergaming! Here you will find updates and news on the upcoming FIFA game. Feel free to add new stuff, if you find some. For the start... first real information plus screens and videos (mais malheursement les scans sont en...
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    Official FIFA 10 Website Launched!

    Official FIFA 10 Website Launched! It's here, the official FIFA 10 website by EA sports... Go this link: At the moment it's only a teaser website showing a countdown (maybe for the big announcement?). So let's wait for May 5th (also the end of NDA). But more...
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    EA Sports to abandon PC disks

    Source: Please, 2K Sports make a footy game and deliver us...
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    Hello from the FIFA10 development team!

    Here a very interesting thread on the official forums for all of you who want to get in contact with the gameplay developers of the upcoming FIFA10. I also expect this thread to give us more...
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    FIFA 10 is coming to Ipod

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    Why not doing it the NeedForSpeed-way?

    Why not doing it the NeedForSpeed-way? So here is my suggestion for future FIFA games... I was just thinking about, how it would be if EA would handle the FIFA-series similar to the renewed NeedForSpeed series. Three new NFS games will be released all together nearly on the same date. Each...
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    FIFA10 PC = NG Leaked?

    This was originally posted in the CL-Patch thread by snoppf1, but I started a new thread to avoid confusion. Thanks to balgopi for informing us about this stuff. And it's true, for everyone who wants to check this out can watch this youtube-video which has been uploaded recently. Here...
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    The 3LP-Thread

    After last years 3.Bundesliga-Patch which has been downloaded over 20.000 times, I am here to present you my new project for this year, the 3.Liga-Patch (or just 3LP).:) This thread will inform you on the process and is there to support you, if there are any problems with the patch. This...
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    The "what were they thinking?" Thread

    Hey guys, I'm now starting a thread about stuipid, but also funny bugs and mistakes that can be found in FIFA 09. Things which make you say "what were they thinking?". So if you find some of these, please post them here anyway if video or screen... I think they're is much to find and I hope you...
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    Why did you buy FIFA?

    Another poll by me... What was for you the reason to buy FIFA 09 (PC)? I'm just interessted for what reason most of the FIFA players bought the game, after there are again no major improvements to the years before. Graphics also can't be a reason, as there's still now real ng-engine (now we...
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    Do you use Widgets?

    Anyone here who really cares about the new widgets in the menu? I'm sure there are not many people who do, but to get to know more about this question, please vote here. And yeah, what do you think of them in general?
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    DRM hits FIFA 09!!!

    It's seems like it's going to be true... The DIGITAL RIGHTS MANAGEMENT protection system will be featured within FIFA 09. According to this source the new FIFA will include the same copy protection system as EA used for Spore. So what does this exactly mean? It means, that you will have to...
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    FIFA 09 Minikits

    As you can see on this screenshot by F4F, in FIFA 09 we're going to have a new minikit-style. You can compare the new one, on the lefthand side, with the old FIFA 08 one on the righthand side. Minikits now have long sleeves and do look a lot like the next-gen minikits. What do you think about...
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    Amazing Found: FIRST 09 PC INGAME FOOTAGE!!!

    Please excuse the long heading, but the following video deservers it, because it's such a great found... but why do I talk? Check it out yourself: First of all, thanks to for uploading. This is the first time we see live...
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    FIFA 09: Russian Premier League already confirmed?

    Look at this: Google translation (I know it sounds weird): Yeah.. I know it's a bit old this news, but I wonder why nobody has already posted something about it. But...