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    Cep 11

    Guys! CEP has been released finally. Features it contains: - All 52 UEFA Leagues - All 10 CONMEBOL leagues - Best of AFC (Asia), CAF (Africa) and OFC (Oceania) leagues - Continental Competitions (CAF Champions League, UEFA Champions Leagues, Copa Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana, Royal League...
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    Attribute Randomizer ?

    Anyone here can develop an attribute randomizer ? kinda like the function that CM10 had and that we don't know if it'll be in CM11 (if it appears, of course) so .. anyone? cheers and thanks guys (: !
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    CEP for fifa11 NG ?

    so .. some of u might remember me, I made the CEP for last years wirh a lot of friends. Juan_007 already told me that he can start with logos and all (he already has them so its a matter of converting) .. and i know we have to learn how to edit the db. BUT, since kits and minis seem easier...
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    complete european patch :)

    COMPLETE EUROPEAN PATCH: List of features: - All 52 UEFA Leagues - All leagues roster updated as of febraury 2010. - More than 100 new tournaments (All leagues have their national cup and supercup in the case they play one) - Generic adboards for all leagues. (EA existing and non-existing...
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    kitmakers needed for an ambitious patch !

    Juan_007 and I are desperately looking for people who can make kits and minikits. As some of u might know, we're making a european football patch (that 'll include most of the european leagues that aren't in fifa10).. but we need people to help us with minis and with kits... We are...
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    how to make cmp patches to work in manager mode ?

    I downloaded the BiH1.0 patch (bosnian league) and it works fine, but when i try to use it on manager mode, it crashes :S same thing with the russian 2nd division, ukranian 1st and 2nd division and belarus 1st division (extracted from the megamod10)... so my question is ... after we donwload a...
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    New leagues with FM database. kitmakers needed !

    As some of u might know, bruno made a tool which allows to convert teams from FM into fifa10 in a very simple and quick way ( -->that's the thread). My idea is to convert some leagues (the major quantity we can) into the game 'cause...
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    petition for FIFA11 NG !

    hey guys, sign here if you want fifa NG for PC and i will post your user name here. for who that frequent another forum, please create this thread in that place and post the link here, because i will post also here their usernames.
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    ambitious idea for a patch (:

    i've always been a fan of the CEP versions.. however, they didn't have all of their transfers accurated enough and it always produced unstability issues (i remember the CEP for fifa 07 sended me to desktop everytime there was an offside call)... so what I would like to do is to make a new...