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    In-Game Editing and Winter Gear

    When I edit something (boots, socks etc.), the player "loses" his winter gear. Goalkeepers play with short sleeves when it's raining while using long ones in dry weather and the same applies to outfield players also. Does anyone know how to fix this? Last year I had lua-files containing winter...
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    Boots Darker Than Normal?

    Has anybody else noticed that when playing in clear or overcast weather boots look much darker and therefore uglier? Yellow of the latest Nike series looks like chicken poop and all white details are grey. When playing in snow, colours are bright as they should be.
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    Problem With Keepers In Career Pro Mode

    I'm playing my fourth season with Career Pro for Tottenham Hotspur. As many of you probably know, Spurs have four keepers in their squad, but by my fourth season only Lloris was still there. When my pro was injured and I had to sim games, Lloris also got injured (three months out) and Spurs...
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    Short Sleeves In Rainy/Snowy Weather

    As many of you have probably noticed, players (esp. goalkeepers) who normally wear long sleeves, tend to show up for matches played in rainy/snowy weather wearing short sleeves. While this can be changed with Revolution Mod (big thank you to the developers), I was wondering if there is a...
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    FIFA 10 not running smoothly after reinstall

    I had to reinstall FIFA 10 but strangely the game (clean, no add-ons installed) does not run smoothly anymore. The game is stuttering, not much but enough to annoy me. My PC requirements are more than sufficient for this game and everything worked absolutely fine before. I uninstalled my...
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    Referee's socks

    Is there a possibility to edit database so that referees would wear normal socks instead of the ugly low ones? As far as I'm concerned, the option in CM10 is not working. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
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    Edited EPL fonts

    Hello! I thought that the original numbers were too low, so I decided to edit the files and now the numbers are where they should be, higher that is... I only edited five Premier League fonts (white, black, golden, red and navy blue). Download the attached Zip file and place the files into...
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    Weird error with substitutes

    I searched through the Support forum but didn't find the answer so forgive me for starting a new thread. Every time I bring on a new player, he looks like the Phantom of the Opera. What is wrong? Also sometimes players turn white. So far the game hasn't crashed though. My game generally runs...
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    My fantasy kits for Spurs

    As I'm playing my fourth season with Tottenham Hotspur I decided that the team needed some new kits. As I made some kits for FIFA 2005, I decided to have a go on FIFA 07 kits as well. Although I placed Puma logos on kits, I created the design myself. Tottenham Hotspur (home, home 2, home 3...
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    Names' fonts?

    Hi! Does anybody know how to change the font which is used for names on the shirts?