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    Crimson Shuriken's Kits and Others Stuff

    I will occasionally pump out a kit or two of a team I am adding to my own fifa and that no one else has done. I don't claim to be an amazing kit maker, as I usually just stick to doing banners and adboards and logos and such. Do feel free to criticize me if you so desire though. -reserved for a...
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    TreMiki Edited GrafX

    I have not opened a thread yet this year but I made these and decided it was time to open a thread. :) Africa Cup of Nations 2008 Adboards
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    TreMiki Advertising Co. (adboards)

    New year, new thread. Requests are always welcome. Comments, suggestions, bitches, gripes and complaints are also welcome. Just don't insult me or others in my thread. Lets have a good year.
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    TreMiki99 La Liga Adboards

    I make advertising boards. I have decided to make a thread to share them I have made adboards for my own use before but I have never posted any. I accept all requests and anyone is free to post logos or pictures of matches to help me make adbords. Comments are not only welcome they are wanted...
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    Promotion/Relegation Question

    Hey mates, I want to know how to change the teams to their proper leagues for the upcoming season. I used Tournament Master to successfully change the leagues for Tournament and Career mode, however I want to know how to change the teams for the Menu (friendly mode). I used DBmaster to edit...
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    Help Restoring CC's Proper Filepath

    I recently used a self-installer to install some faces on Fifa 06 but instead of choosing the Main Fifa Folder "C:/Program Files/EA Sports/Fifa 06", I chose a temporary folder "C:/My Documents/fifatempfolder" that I created. I did this so that I could manually install the faces into the...