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    thanks, CC and chau for ****in up my game!

    Well, before I installed Creation Centre, I installed Fifa all over again, so that there were no patches causing a problem, after that I installed the frameworks stuff, and finally Creation Centre.. All I did was tweaking a few attributes, to 95, not higher, and now my game crashes, in every...
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    How can I get long sleeves with a player?

    How can I get long sleeves with a player? There are a lot of numbers in the sleeve length box, which one should I pick to get long sleeves ingame?
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    Can we edit the sleeve length with CC 2005?

    Can we edit the sleeve length with CC 2005? I would be thrilled if so..... somebody please answer!!!
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    why is huel marc's kit thread 'closed?!!

    Can somebody tell me why huel marc's kit thread is closed??? He was just about to make a request for me :( :kader:
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    Does anyone have a savegame near the end of 2nd season?

    PLease people! I know it sounds rather stupid, but in my third season, I saved my game, and after that I deleted the maps in ''MY Documents'' not very smart, I know..... Can somebody please give me a good savegame near the end of the 2nd season, because after that, if you did pretty good...
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    How can I change the sleeve length of players...????

    Hey guys! With FIFA 2004 I hated it, that only short sleeves were possible.... I thought, this year it was going to be different, since you can give a created player long sleeves, so I went to access, and edited the database with help of unidb I've changed some zero's ( 0 ) to ones ( 1...
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    How can I get 100% job security??

    Well, I really don't know how to do it! I'm in my third season, and so far I've reached 98% all three seasons, but not higher, suddenly ROnaldo, my star striker, get's injured for 2 months, I'm playing with ronaldinho as striker now, because I've sold other replacements, I win the game with...
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    The ultimate formation/players thread!

    Post your formation here with all the stars in it! For example: here's my current team, Barca, just started the season: -----------------Ronaldo----------------- ---------------Ronaldinho--------------- ------Xavi--------Deco--------Giuly---- -V.bronck..-Marguez-Belletti-Puyol-...
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    Zlatan Ibrahimovic face by ::BiAnCoNeRi::

    Hey guys, take a look at my update on Ibrahimovic, I updated the euro 2004 face, tell me if I should release it or..... :rolleyes: The brilliant screen is made by Hawk ! :rockman:
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    AC Milan new home kit by HAGI

    here is the new ac milan kit, it was made by MATBO, a while ago, but since nobody seems to make the kit, I decided to post his one, which looks great IMO....
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    Need help to get this face!?

    I hope someone can tell me where I can download the great ronaldo face by dap019 in february...... THe download link from his thread doesn't work anymore.... Maybe you have it installed, or the file, or a working URL..... PLease help!!!
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    NEW Fernando torres hair by Barca

    Here's a try at fernando torres's new hairmodel, based on pics of euro 2004 so far.... I used the great face of the young stars patch, and edited only a little UV map on the eyebrows, and fixed the expression of the mouth, the hair is 100% mine...
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    where can I get Bootrevolution 2004?

    Yesterday, I deleted some files that proved to be the wrong files, I had to reinstall bootraptor and nw I don't have bootrevolution anymore.... Well, I've searched and searched and searched, NOTHING! I hope somebody can give me a working link to bootrevolution 2004, the older links don't...
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    does anyone have a HQ canal+ logo for me?

    hey guys, I want to make a fantasy kit with canal+ sponsor on it, but I can't find a high quality image of canal+ I've attached the best pic I could find, there has to be a kitmaker on this forum with a bigger, sharper pic.. This is the best I could find:
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    new juventus stadio agnelli 2006 request

    Hey great stadiummakers out there, can anyone of you please try to make this new juventus stadium? It is going to be called stadio agnelli, and will be build in 2006 I think.... PLease try, I think you can use the generic oval stadium as a basis...
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    HELP! My menu is freakin out!!!

    Can somebody please help me with this, or is it normal that the menu is selecting all the features by itself from bottom to top?? It goes from the bottom to the top of the list and I can't stop it, it's like I am holding the up arrow all the time, but I'm not... Do you guys understand me...
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    Which file is the generic player model in?

    Can somebody please tell me in which file the player model (legs-arms-kit etc.) can be found? I wanto to try to edit it to unlock long sleeves and make the ankel tape lower and stretch it all the way to the boots... like for example carlos alberto and cristiano ronaldo have , as shown on the...
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    Cashless's Nike total 90 lll, when will he release it??

    This question if for anyone who knows when Cashless will release his nike total 90 lll, iamjames already showed us a screenshot in the boot revolution public test thread and it looked great, so please RELEASE IT! Here's the screenshot iamjames showed us, looks finished doesn't it? :rockman: :
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    Del pieor hair update by ::BiAnCoNeRi::

    Hey guys! It's been a while since I edited something in FIFA, so here's something I made a few minutes ago... Real pic: It's still beta, it's not 100% like the pic as you can see, so some work is needed, hoping to release it tonight..
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    90% complete Reyes face by ::bianconeri:: [cranky]

    Hey guys! Check my latest creation, Reyes, the spanish talent.. I used a texture made by makio, and edited by me, so a bit of credit goes to makio! Here's two real pics: My version: [BETA]