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    World National Patch 08 by gigis1 - RE-UPLOADED

    The WNP08 was a great patch, and many FIFA's sites are closed now, so, i want to share my files. I re-upload the WNP08 because all links are dead. All credits are for his authors. I am only a uploader and nothing here is mine. I don't know if the patch has a false positive or a real trojan, my...
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    OFC Champions League 2017

    Hi guys, since february was working on other personal project and now i want to share it with the community. The kits work since FIFA 11 to FIFA 16. As you know well, my kits are for personal use, and they are prefects when i think they are perfect for me. I'm not a kitmaker, and my kits...
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    Many South American kits

    Hi guys, for a long time I was working in a personal project with many South American leagues, and now i want to share my kits. But only few kits are my creations, so the list can be short. SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH! Important THE KITS ARE NOT PERFECT, BECAUSE I AM NOT A KITMAKER, IS ONLY A HOBBY...
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    fifafs Tutorial

    Well, as the title says, this is a fifafs's tutorial and could serve to many (Y) , as it works (5.3.10 version) for: FIFA 2005 UEFA Champions League 2004/2005 FIFA 2006 FIFA 2006 World Cup UEFA Champions League 2006/2007 FIFA 2007 FIFA 2008 FIFA Manager 2008 UEFA Euro 2008 FIFA...
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    Proyecto "FIFA08 Loner Patch"

    Well I created this topic for present officially the "Loner Patch Proyect" for FIFA08. Here I will publish screenshots & progress of work. As the project is quite ambitious, is very heavy and will take me a lot of work, so I'd like to be patient and do not request released dates. Do not think...
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    Tutorial Video-Intro

    Well This is my explication how make a Intro for FIFA Games (i on all FIFA's and another EA games) I can find a other " fifa intro tutorial" in the net...well i found in korean and chinese..but :-( 1º. You need download and install this programs: Virtual Dub: Is necesary "MPG1...
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    [Help] Created Tournament disordered teams qualify

    Created Tournament disordered teams qualify. Ex: 3 - ASEC Mimosas 6 >qualify< 1 - Al - Ahly 12 2 - Al - Ittihad 9 4 - Petro Luanda 3 5 - Étoile 0 or: 1 - ASEC Mimosas 6 2 - Al - Ahly 12>qualify< 3 - Al - Ittihad 9 4 - Petro...
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    Video Tutorial Add kits for Created Teams

    >>>Download Video Tutorial<<< Is on spanish, but yo can watch and copy my steps.
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    FIFA 2010/11 Inter-Patch v1.0 -Developing-

    Hi I am Mejklhand from FIFA-Machagai, you may hate me because I could not conclude a patch. I really sorry, but I'm studying, and a lot. Now I'm working on another, but please do not get your hopes up, because there is only a 50% chance it is finalized. In case i have a "Crash, " this...
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    What is the limit of fifa.fat? This is for or file.big?

    What is the limit of fifa.fat? This is for or file.big? 50000 or 5000 bytes or kb? Please reply tnx:clapwap:
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    FIFA Evolution 8009

    FIFA Evolution 8009 1.1 Thanks to Amelia and Mejklhand<------------------- First sorry for my bad english This new patch if we can call it so, what is the update of the 2010-2011 season kits, minikits, faces and faces of most of the major teams in the world. For this will I need more...
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    Roster Update 2010/11 Season

    This is my Roster Update for FIFA 08 2010/11 Season Download. Try. Suggests. It's like a "demo" that is updated to become full. When it is developed (possibly on 1 January 2011 or before :read:), I will start updating the files "zdatas" with new kits, balls, tournaments licensed, boots...
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    Taller de Kits FIFA 2008 Actualizado 2010-11

    Welcome...this is my thread for the FIFA 08 FANATICS, they find here many kits "SEASON 2010/11" and others. The kits are made for "Mogolos", "Roberto001", "Pepis" YOU CAN SEND ME KITS FOR FIFA 2009 OR 2010 AND I CONVERT IN 2008 FORMAT HI FRIENDS, I NEED KITS OF THE CZECH REPUBLIC...