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    Brasil 2014 Kick Off

    Eight years ago, I was here uploading video highlights of all the games for everyone to enjoy. Now World Cup is back and within the next few minutes, it's the first game. Wish everyone enjoys this beautiful event. Don't forget to play Fantasy Football and Score Predictor at
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    English Premier League Fantasy League

    Hello guys, after playing the prediction league of the world cup, I thought we may still continue playing but this time a fantasy league game of the EPL. I created two leagues at, both are called Soccer Club Manager: 1st: Classic league where the overall score is ranked...
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    2018/2022 bids

    Was reading about it at wikipedia & thought I would start a thread about it here to know your opinion about the bids & which nation do you think deserves to host the event 2018 and 2022 bids: Belgium/Netherlands England Russia Spain/Portugal United States only 2022 bids: Australia...
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    2010 fifa world cup south africa awards

    After 62 matches, I think it's the time to nominate, and choose the best team, player, goal scorer, etc... 1. Dream Team (11 + 7) 2. Best Player 3. Best G.K. 4. B. Defender 5. B. Midfielder 6. B. Striker 7. B. Youth Player 8. B. Manager 9. B. Referee 10. B. Goal 11. B. Fans 12. B...
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    WC 2010 SF: Germany vs Spain [P + R]

    2 years ago Spain beat Germany 1-0 .. Torres scored .. I don't think he's fit enough to do so again but will Villa do it this time ?! by the way, Muller will miss this game Germany 3-2 Spain
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    WC 2010 SF: Uruguay vs Netherlands [P + R]

    Well.. I must mention that no European nation could win the world cup title when the tournament was hosted by non European country .. Currently, Uruguay is the only non European nation .. History says Uruguay to win Logic says Netherlands I go with logic Uruguay 0-2 Netherlands
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    WC 2010 QF: Uruguay vs Ghana [P + R]

    GHANA .. GHANA .. they can do it.. Uruguay 0-1 Ghana
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    WC 2010 QF: Netherlands vs Brazil [P + R]

    2nd half will start now Brazil were amazing in the 1st half Netherlands 0-1 Brazil Robinho 10'
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    WC Matchday 19: [PAR v JPN] + [ESP v POR]

    Round of 16 final day PAR v JPN ESP v POR I think Asia won't have any teams in the quarter finals PAR 2-0 JPN ESP 1-0 POR
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    WC Matchday 17: [GER v ENG] + [ARG v MEX]

    The toughest match of all .. very closely matched >> GERMANY v ENGLAND easy match for Argentina .. MESSI to GLOW Germany 1-0 England Argentina 3-0 Mexico
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    WC Matchday 13: [SVN v ENG] + [USA v ALG] + [AUS v SRB] + [GHA v GER]

    Svn 0-3 eng usa 2-0 alg aus 0-3 srb gha 0-5 ger
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    WC Matchday 12: [FRA v RSA] + [MEX v URU] + [GRE v ARG] + [NGA v KOR]

    WC Matchday 12: FRA 0-0 RSA MEX 0-1 URU GRE 0-3 ARG NGA 2-1 KOR
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    World Cup Draw [P+R]

    As the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™ draw will be held tomorrow in Durban (South Africa), I thought I would share some details with you guys... Africa 53 teams -> 5 places + South Africa ROUND ONE 1. The 10 lowest ranked PMAs (as per the FIFA ranking of July 2007) contested Round...
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    Do you know about it ?!!

    Hello everybody, I have passed through that game at yahoo site, so I thought I should share it with you. the game is called "Soccer Manager". it's something like a managing game but not like "Yahoo Fantasy Games", because the players are not real & it's played on daily bases. There are a lot...
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    African Cup of Nations - GHANA 2008 Draw

    The draw for the 2008 African Cup of Nations took place today in Accra. Here are the four groups: Group A (Accra) Ghana Namibia Guinea Morocco Group B (Sekondi) Nigeria Benin Mali Ivory Coast Group C (Kumasi) Egypt Sudan Zambia Cameroon GROUP D (Tamale) Tunisia Angola...
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    Found that funny..!

    by the way, do you score from direct shots ?
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    UEFA Super Cup {AC Milan vs Sevilla} [P+R]

    UEFA Super Cup vs I think Sevilla will keep the cup in Spain..!
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    Super Cup song

    I'm asking about the music that plays with the video at UEFA home page, anybody knows if it's a soundtrack of a movie or how to get it ?
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    **EPL Yahoo Fantasy League**

    This group is for those who wanna join the EPL FANTASY LEAGUE for the season 2007/2008. By joining this group, you can follow the fanatsy league news, the starting & ending dates of the game. **NO SPAM EMAILS WILL BE ALLOWED** This group is made so players can contact each other, chat & talk...
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    Got a better score ?!!

    Check that 1st pic was in the 2nd season in Copa del Rey against Barca... 2nd in Champions league in the 3rd season against Sporting Lisbon. I never played an Amateur, Semi Pro or professional game. I started playing in World Class level.