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    Fake names in the game

    After i downloaded the Fifa patch Materazzi and Mutu were back in the game with their real names but the others from the list given before werent.
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    Attendance question

    I suppose this has been said a lot of times... get lost
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    Bug In The Original Fifa?

    I apologyse if this has been asked before but i just recently bought the game. Everytime i use the instant replay option, there's seems to be some kind of bug caus ethe free cam shoots up as if i was pressing the right stick. When you try to change cameras it reverses back to the free cam and...
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    CEP07 3.0 Released

    Can i get some cheese with that wine please...
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    Creation Master 07 Released

    RINALDO, is there anyway i can use my current fifa.db or lineups with your CC? I have it very updated and i would hate to have to do all the transfers one by one all over again. So if i erase my fifa, wipe clean all of the info in my documents, then install the CC and THEN overwrite the current...
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    The Salary For Players Is It Weekly?

    Its not that big of deal, is just id like to calculate how much ill be spending from the budget each time i increase their wages and i cant do that without knowing how much theyll make per year
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    Has Anyone Completed This Challenge?????

    use the keyboard as you opposition. Whe the defence comes it will become a keyboard handled player, hence youll get more time to move with the goalie
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    The Salary For Players Is It Weekly?

    Cause if it is, is really not reflecting what they make in real life. Pro rated for 12 months Beckam would make 4.3 million euros. Pro rated for 10 months(what they do play) it would be more close to 3.6 million. He makes like 6 net and 12 brute in Madrid
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    Creation Master 07 Released

    And bitching about it is much more useful, right Biebrich?
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    What is CEP

    HAHAHA i think you just described the Matrix Cep is a program that expands the Figa Game experience by adding a gazillion leagues and that works perfectly with the creation center 07
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    Playing With Big Clubs From Season One

    Im sorry it this questions seems dated. I just bought the game a week ago. What about the money? last year the problem for handling a big team from the get go was that the money you made from each game wasnt enough to pay the big starts so your were stuck loaning your highest played players...
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    Playing With Big Clubs From Season One

    can it be done?
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    where i can i get good cheap players from

    Im coaching the New York Red Bulls on the MLS right now and they have a lot of high 50`s to high 60`s players that are VERY FAST and because of that good playmakers. you could check there
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    Playing With Big Clubs From Season One

    Is there any way to do this on fifa 07? In 06, we had to unlock the best moments from either of the better leagues and we could also intsall a patch that changed ticket prices. It just seems to paternalistic of Fifa not to allow us to use the team we like from season one. When i reach the levels...
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    The Real Madrid Thread [2006 - 2007]

    I have to dissagree with you. Real Madrid can really use creative midfielders. Gago is more of a 5. He shouldnt play just behind the forwards and if we ever play with two forwards(seems like a necessity since Raul is utter crap coming from the wing and adding nothing to the offense) we a really...
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    CEP 0.12 Released

    I think he did. Less pages to download stuff.
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    NK FOOTBALL © - Realism at your fingertips!

    i wish there was someway the defenders would "bite" more of the fake moves. If you guys play NBA06 youll see whats the meaning of faking someone out. This has not been translated into fifa06
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    NEW! Biggy's Gameplay Update For FIFA 06 V.2 !

    What if we dont knoqw what we're doing? :jambo: I personally dont have filemaster? its possible you get this gameplay out by talking to the other gameplay makers?
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    NEW! Biggy's Gameplay Update For FIFA 06 V.2 !

    You know i wish someone would tweak the shooting. Shooting diagonally in the game is a nightmare. Not talking about the fact that they are so hard to get(defense being tough to shoot on) but the fact that everytime i try to shoot diagonally it ends up going wide to the far post. If i try to push...
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    Increased Ticket Price Patch?

    Does it make any differenceif i have the spanish verison of the game. Everytime i install it i have to start out witha new profile in either english, french, dutch or german. Then the game loses all sound and with that i mean menus, back round music and game sounds although the ticket prices go...