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    2010 FIFA World Cup Final: Netherlands v. Spain [P/R]

    it's unbelievable how the dutch players are complaining about the ref when they clearly made life difficult for him by playing a rugby match.
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    GCSE's, A-levels, etc.

    yes it's crazy down here. people here who cant get a place in any uni here can get a place in the U of melbourne piss easy. EDIT: not in medicine of course, just in general.
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    Thierry Henry to Barcelona...

    probably supporting his compatriot tony parker.
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    GCSE's, A-levels, etc.

    i did both of those, together with physics and math. I did it in singapore, and to even get shortlisted for the interview, u have to get a minimum AAAB, and out of all the As two of them have to be chemistry and math. I did get shortlisted, but that's just about the furthest i reached. :(
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    GCSE's, A-levels, etc.

    A levels don't mean **** though. it's just a minimum requirement for entry to universities. i got 4A s for my A levels and an A2 for GP and I couldnt get a place in medicine here in my local U. i may have ****ed it up but u know what i mean. could have gone King's but cost of living way toooo...
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    Pirates of the Caribbean : At World's End

    i knew that was coming when i typed that word, but nvm. gay can be defined as happy though. :(
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    Pirates of the Caribbean : At World's End

    the movie was great, but there were a lot of random scenes. sparrow's dad, calypso turning into crabs, the Kraken that just ended up on the shore just like that, the exchange between sparrow and turner before the war.. wtf?! nevertheless, enjoyed the movie. much much better than the 2nd...
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    The Official Manchester United Thread [2006/2007]

    great season and great purchases. you really make other clubs look on with envy. i think nani and anderson can switch roles often as both can play on the wings and center. of course both will eventually replace scholes and giggs. also c.ronaldo finally has someone to speak to in his native...
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    :$ ok then if that's the case wouldn't they be better off just shooting him? in that way he could just recover after the bullet has been removed from his body, and no one has to die. :(
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    AC Milan vs Liverpool Final build up [P + R]

    typical gay inzaghi goal.
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    New Right Back Needed

    you don't need anyone. i assume you are using AS Roma and aleandro rosi is good enough.
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    great finale but i don't understand why did nathan had to carry him up when he could just fly on his own.
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    The Official YouTube Links Thread

    A chinese song misheard in english. laUeos3wQIw
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    Spiderman 3

    watched it today. thought it was pretty action packed. but it felt quite rushed, it's a good thing though otherwise the movie would have been freakin long. this one is good for the eyes. and apparently it made some people cry :|
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    Last movie you watched

    Pan's Labyrinth Babel Enjoyed both. (Y)
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    Os X

    it does im using os x.
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    all you need is someone who can play anywhere across midfield.
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    best winger

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    Last movie you watched

    watched charlotte's web. was close to tearing in the end. :( good movie for the family.