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    quick face importing question

    just wondering what the fastest way to import faces into the .big files....i always have to search through every file to find the specific texture im looking to replace, and it takes me too damn long ha ha....just wondering if theres a more efficient way....thanks in advance! :ewan:
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    i have CEP+FIXa+NKv9 and i trie dto install a facepack using a fifaFS installation method, but fifa FS crashes when it tries to install them...i is all the added things from CEP too much for fifaFS to deal with? someone give me an idea whats going on.... thanks
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    referee kits

    how would i go about installing a ref kit without using CC? (and i cant use kit importer because the referee kit isnt listed.........or i could be wrong) thanks, any help is greatly appreciated
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    Analog and digital

    i have a logitech rumble pad 2 and i configured it using however, i have a problem: i assume the controls in-game should be set to digital instead of analog(to take advantage of the left stick) but when i use digital, the stick only moves up, down, left, and...
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    CEP torrent?

    hey im just trying to download CEP 1.2 again... and every time i do it always stops downloading...."freezes" if you will... is there a torrent someone has up? or another download source thanks
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    controller issue :)

    hey everyone, i used the and XBCD drivers to use my xbox controller using a converter to USB. i have a question.... everythings working (rumble, 2 sticks, etc) but when i use the left stick to move the player, it still moves like its analog (only 4...
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    With the EPL trade window coming to a close tonight, how soon can we expect the sweetpatch roster update? Or any update for that matter. Much is appreciated for the hard work done for these, im just wondering when....
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    Team Asset changes when promoting...

    ive been trying to make my own EPL roster changes and all that jazz. I messed up the first time around and wanted to start over, so i used the original eng.db and fifa.db and tried to start over, but it seems that the teams assests ( banners logos,etc) are not switched back to original. For...
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    League/Roster changes cause career crashes?

    I installed sweetpatches new beta EPL roster updates and i try to start a new career. Everything works fine until about the 4th game when its me (manchester united) versus Charlton. I can play or simulate that game, but post-game, when the computer simulates the rest of the leagues games, it...
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    post-game simulation error

    I have the beta rostors from sweetpatch installed with one change made using CC (Phil Neveille to everton). Also, i have some kits and one ball imported. All these things work perfectly in game, but when I finish a game and it simulates the rest of the leagues games, it crashes at 70%. How can i...
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    installing 2X faces

    i tried using fifa4fans face importer (v1.1) but it causes my game to crash. any other methods for installing higher quality (2GK) faces?
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    New roster Question: EPL

    Is there any place i can find NEW (recently updated [05-06]) rosters for the EPL?
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    looking for face D/L locations

    where can i find some quality EPL face downloads? fifacp is down breamster has a limited selection any help is appreciated! :D
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    replay not working

    anyone have the problem where when you click on replay during a game, it goes to the replay screen quickly and then goes back to the pause menu??????? i am having this problem, any suggestion is greatly appreciated! thanks
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    crash question

    heres my install: Fifa05---->Ballrevo---->Kit Raptor----->boot importer then i install my aerow ball, then all my boots, then all EPL kits is it possible to run this with no crashes?
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    looking for EPL ref kits

    anyone know where i can find them? i looked on breamster but the link to pedes kits is dead, thanks.
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    Installing Kits

    I have a problem when (im using CC) installing kits. After about 4 or 5 succesfully imported kits, the game starts crashing. I heard something about the zdata's being too large? If this is the problem is there a way around it? Any help is appreciated.
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    Backing up and other questions

    hey all, i got my fifa working well without any mods besides ballrev. I want to use some new kits for Man utd and other EPL teams. what can i back up just in case things go wrong? thanks
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    Premiership kits

    can someone show me the way to some premiership kits? I'm having trouble finding them, since the search feature doesnt seem to be working for me. thanks in advance
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    please explain this to me. how do yotu get into the ECC. i am in with the rangers, and i dont know how haha.