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    Evolution Patch for PES 6

    can some people seed that torrent ???? :lui: :(
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    CEP07 3.0 Released

    i dont really know what hes saying but he mentions the balls in carreer i think the nike ball should be the default ball for all EPL teams, not the adidas, because thats whats used in real life. If you could fix that that would be great, it would add to immersion... thanks
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    CEP07 3.0 Released

    well isnt the purpose of CEP to increase the realisticness and immersion of fifa 07? certainly a locked DB takes away from that immersion because if you're advanced enough to download and extract CEP, you're certainly advanced enough to want to edit your FIFA game, and without the option (locked...
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    CEP07 3.0 Released

    ockham, glad to see the patch is out, im downloading now. i saw that its not possible to import boots into the game? why is that different from kits and faces? Just wondering the difference.
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    quick face importing question

    thanks a lot mannnn makes my life easier haha why couldnt i find that myself? lol :nape:
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    quick face importing question

    just wondering what the fastest way to import faces into the .big files....i always have to search through every file to find the specific texture im looking to replace, and it takes me too damn long ha ha....just wondering if theres a more efficient way....thanks in advance! :ewan:
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    NK FOOTBALL © : FIFA ™ Xpert Precision Football – Download now!

    well youre not the leader of the soccer gaming forums NK? so there are still rules higher than you but i just was trying to save clutter
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    NK FOOTBALL © : FIFA ™ Xpert Precision Football – Download now!

    lets not make this a career thread.... :read:
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    NK FOOTBALL © : FIFA ™ Xpert Precision Football – Download now!

    i am a decent player and i still havent found a way to beat a keeper in world class... even on a breakaway with a prefectly aimed shot with full (blue zone) power from 15 i just edited the .ini's in the fifa.db from xpert to a little lower than professional ratings.
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    EPL Kits For 06/07

    i think its a good idea good luck getting it started though
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    CEP 2.0 Preview

    sounds good ockham cant wait for the release
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    Player Specific Celebrations for Fifa 06?

    open up fifa.db using db viewer and look at the player names and it has their celebration number in the spreadsheet
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    pit1991 kits thread

    i concurr
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    NK FOOTBALL © : FIFA ™ Evolution – Download now!

    hey NK, i really like the update, brings a whole different feel to the offensive and defensive sides of the game. On behalf of the appreciaters...we respect and appreciate your hard work on these modifications :fool:
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    er.. question

    R T F M
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    Need Tips

    keypad for tactics
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    BATIGOAL's Face Thread

    yeah man thats really good, a suggestion:just clean up the eyes a little bit and i think its pretty much as good as it can be, great job.
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    fifa 2007!!!!!!!

    should probably wait till it comes out mannn (Y) i would think it would work decently with lower graphics settings though, but i could be wrong
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    Mngr Mode Help - I'm Over Budget and out of the Transfer Period

    quit before you get fired and save yourself some dignity :chew: